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Candy Van

come on, everybody likes candy

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a bit boring to me.


would be better with shady-looking guy. good idea though


Now you just need a guy hanging out the window saying, "I know your mother get in the van."


... My favorite Guild on Daggerspine.


Perverts need t-shirts too! $4




Now you need a guy with a molestache. otherwise it's a $4


i used to have one of tose vans in my garage... it was my uncle's van.


Oh, creepy. I'd appreciate a scary man or some confused children on the sidewalk with more color choices perhaps.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

For me this is not an attractive image and not an attractive concept. It would work better if "Free Puppies" was crossed out and "Free Candy" was written underneath it (or vice versa). Maybe add a few more creepy phrases.


great design -- why the white shirt?!

Julie Jerks

I like the design, but a guy with a molestache would add a whole lot. I would but it if it wasn't white.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Molestache? That's a birlliant fusion word if i ever did see one julie. But yeah, i totally agree with some creepy Buffalo Bill-looking dude asking you to get free candy from the back of the van while you are helping him put a sofa in the back of his Luvmobile.


I'm getting creeped out just thinking of the word "molestache." Is that a moustache with a big mole in it? Ick. Definitely perv-ish. But yeah, put a creepy guy inside, make the van say "Free Puppies & Candy," and have the guy holding a hand-lettered sign out the window that says "Your Mom Said it was Okay." Then it would be worthy of tshirthell, but maybe not the kind of thing Threadless is looking for.


LOL Shouldnt you have a guy with a trench coat on, so you can then have your LiveJournal deleted for offering free candy?


No! Add nothing! no creepy guy! It's just right as is.


dont like the message. especially if a girl is wearing it.

Captain Global

This is a perfect shirt for.... pedophiles?

Sorry, but this isn't anything I'd wear.


A bit too much empty space. Fill it some more.


I like the idea of shady guy by the van $4


yeah i agree, put a guy in or next to the van

other than that i love it, .......$4.5?


The van doesn't look grungy enough. It doesn't necessarily need a creepy guy, but the van just doesn't look beat up enough.


ha ha kinda reminda me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....a shirt with that same candy buggie would be very funny too.....


ahahahah fucking love it. well, not kidnapping children, but the simplicity of the shadyness. a kid who believes that should be put in a van without windows. $5


haha, but it would be better if there was a creepy dude in it


definitely needs at least one person somewhere. Maybe a kid inside the car with a sketchy driver hahaha...


NO NO NO! all you folks who want a creepy guy in the design are just wrong. its funnier for so many reasons just as it is. geez.

love it. love everything about it.


that is a disturbing image.

well done.


perfect just the way it is... $5!!!

E. G.

Anon does not look kindly upon the theft of our party van.

infinite zeros.

a for incredible

i like this because i can just see myself walking up to that van hoping to find some free candy.

i agree, the creepy guy would be over the top. the van is great the way it is.


it's so creepy, no additions necessary.

i also don't know who would want to wear it though. what's funny about pedophiles?

myy stars shine

one of my best friends owns an old school van like that and for his school art show he painted on the outside free candy and had it open and on the inside there was a fur rug and a matress and dimmed lights it was soooo AWESOME

your shirt reminds me of that and that is why I love it :]


lol - so creepy, but really funny

the "free puppies and candy" is a good idea though


favourite desgin ive seen all day hahaha love it


As a person who takes child molestation lightly, i love it! I think it would be cool if there was a pedosmiley guy standing next to it, wearing a warm-up suit.


E. G.: GB2 4chan /b/tard!


kind of plain, and it reminds me a lot of "Strangers With Candy"...


Um i dont think this is a good thing to support. even if it seems funny.

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