• by Karnaf
  • posted May 27, 2007

Wash it Wash it !

Watch this
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Wash it Wash it !


The red is REALLY distracting from the message. In your shirt pic, it looks like a chicken flying over a fish.

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I just stared at this for like five minutes looking for the chicken and fish, to no avail.

The idea of this is okay, but the hinged skull haunts my soul.


i actually like it. 5$

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The red does ake the pic look very violent, If you could tone it down it might help. Good concept though!


I agree with the "red" comment...I think it would make a better graphic it the flip top lid and open empty head were more clearly visible. good stuff though.


perhaps make the red darker like a burgundy so it isn't so distracting...


its very very close, but the red is too distracting. Maybe only have one washer show that you can show a more detailed brain in the washer?


his head doesn't look hollow enough. I also think that the image should be closer so that you can see that he's putting his brain in the washing machine.


I like it a lot, I think the red is good, maybe just a little less intense.


I think the brain could use to be further out of the washer to make it clearer what it is.


I thought the flipped up top of his head was hair...


The red may, and I stress that, be a little bright, but I think removing it completely would take away from the overall effect. Do NOT change the skull: hinged as it is it looks amazing.


I'd at least add more detail to the washer the man is using, or tone down the reds altogether. Nice design, though.


Remove the red from the pants and show a bit more of the brain.


i think the head looks a little funny
it took me a while to figure out it wasnt a coon cap


It's really hard to read, I thought he was wearing some kind of hat. and the red is too intense with on a light blue shirt.


the colors distract me. i think the red makes this all too...err...whats the like "look at me"?

anotherwords, i think the idea should be a lil more subtle.
haha sorry.
good idea though.

the manatee

printed on the light blue i think it's great. the effect might be diminished on another colour. i think the red's great as it stand now. solid design.

Dr Domino

they have a shirt with a brain in a washing machine already


it needs some dark blue. maybe make the color of the shirt darker.

great idea/design!


Hm. I don't like it on the light blue, but I do like that the red stands out so much.


Maybe scrubbing a brain in the sink would be more effective. It's hard for me to tell that it's a brain.


I don't think the red is too bad, but maybe use some other brighter colours too so it doesn't detract from everything else as much.


I agree with abbster - didn't even notice that it was a brain, and I didn't notice the flip top head - thought it was a girl with a ponytail... nice sketch of the wash machines though.


I like the original brain wash design better.


this really creeps me out.


I'd put more emphasis on the words "Brainwash." It took me a bit to find it.



I would wear it :)



I really dig the idea, but it is a little violent looking. Red-orange, or magenta would give a similar effect without the look of blood. Great idea though

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