• by fatboyjim
  • posted May 27, 2007

would suit natural or light blue. comments please

Watch this

would suit natural or light blue. comments please


back one needs to look only alittle more like SNoopy


I would bring touches of red down into the brown plane. The dogs hat is good but I could carry it through more then that. Maybe to the supports on the wheel. This would tie the two planes together.
I love the red plane. I think that could stand alone as a design.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

darn....I'm working on a dogfight shirt as well....I like yours, but I still plan to submit mine:)


reminds me of "Snoopy and the Red Baron"

mj00 profile pic Alumni

center placement kills this. Look at the flying formations fighter planes use and use a similar configuration for your dog planes (I'd recommend adding at least one more plane).

Annie in Wonderland

Hahahahaha very cute, but it needs another plane, please. $5

Annie in Wonderland

oh, and some clouds would be nice
i really like your style.


Maybe add some insiginia, Maltese cross, etc? Make it a historical allusion?

And without mounted guns, how are they going to dogfight? It's nice art, but it just looks like 'dogs flying planes' to me.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the concept, but so much more could be done to this to really liven up the perhaps...having an actual dogfight in the air on the tee? Nice idea tho.


they need to be fighting.


position the planes coming at each other, or one divebombing from above...gotta translate the "fight" in "dogfight" into the design. The concept is great...light blue shirt for the sky background OK, maybe some better coloring for the planes.


Love the planes, but how about angling one of them a bit? Maybe the red one can look as if it's swooping towards the brown one? Then there's a little more 'fight' in it. At the moment it looks like two dogs going for a gentle cruise in two (very lovely) planes.


shouldn't you try to put the "fight" in "dogfight"?


thanks for all your comments, will create a new version


I get the dogfight theme, but my first thought was "bomber" in the dogs that leave bombs on my front lawn. I expect little bombs on my back lawn (I've got two little dogs), but running over unexpected big ones with the lawnmower in the front...ugh. And I never see the dogs leaving them, so I can only assume they're flying in undetected to strafe the neighborhood.


er. thanks for that mephitine


Seen something very simlar to this. Other than that, it can use a little more detail.


thanks again for the comments. i have made a few of the suggested changes, see what you all think


add some bullets coming from the red plane towards those bullet holes in the tail of the other plane and it's perfect ! :)


I love it best design in a while. 5$


it looks too crowded. i think it would look better if it was just one plane - deffinately a red plane though

great design

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fatboyjim, I think the improvements you made are perfect. I'm upping the score I gave this :)


concerning the's better, but the dog in the foreground still looks disinterested. the bullet holes tie the brown to the red, but there's nothing tying the red to the brown....does that make sense?

Perhaps you could redraw his head to look in the red plane's direction? He did just get shot...also, changing the dog's color slightly to something less similar to the plane might make it stand out more.


they don't look like they're fighting. It needs a little work and I'd buy it.

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