• by THEY
  • posted May 25, 2007

These things happen when a designer watches National Geographic too often.

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These things happen when a designer watches National Geographic too often.


Pride in what?


interesting idea

needs some more stuff...or just a general idea of what's actually going on



to steviec

Ben TM

I thought it was pretty obvious what was going on....It's clearly a lion....

I love this design! I just don't like the white on gray...that's all.


i do like the white on gray but it is sorta difficult to tell its a lion. overall, nice work.


Thanks Junk. I see the lion now!


i love lions and i love this


i'm thinking the branch/swirl extentions should come from the tail...?

Kojima profile pic Alumni

i like the subtlety.

Music Marie

I LOVE it and I WANT it. And it is clearly a lion. :)


Excellent feedback and so quickly. I love this community. Thank you everyone. This is my first submission, and I admit I already loathe the mockup I've made for you all. The intention, is to be on a light blue shirt, though it could work with multiple color schemes of course.

Keep talking, I'll only make more. ;)


dinho profile pic Alumni

pretty design! not so much the white on grey like others.

glad you take criticism well. you should take advantage of the critique-ing board =)

The Ending

i really like the simplicity of this! 4$


Here is a link to a much clearer mock-up.


Or not.


I like your other mock-up much better. But I do rather enjoy the design.


I like the design but the lion head looks too big for it's body. I think the image would be clearer if you corrected this. Also I agree, the shirt color should be darker


Very pretty! It took a while for me to realize that it was a lion, but that should be no surprise.

I like both colour versions.


I like the color, the lion, the foliage. I would buy it.


Why isn't this already for sale! I want want want it!


I love the design, but not on a t-shirt. Sorry.


I love the design, but I think you should work with the colors more, maybe a little more contrast.


I like the design, but it's a very subdued lion, the colours should be more bold.


nice, I like it, the concept, design, placement, everything. I'd prolly wear it.


Thanks for all the feed back everyone.

In regards to it being hard to tell what it is at first, too subtle, or the lion seeming subdued I'd argue that is part of the appeal of the design. I'd rather people try to make it out and ask "What is that?... oh, cool." than just solve it right away with a big picture of Mufasa on your chest.

I certainly agree with the colors comments. If this does go to print I'll be sure to have a few options. I think some nice serengeti earth tones would serve it well, don't you?

I've also been thinking about the tail comment. I think this is exceptionally valid. If you check out the 2nd Mockup you may see that the tail is wrapped around the lion's body and resting on the ground, thus pointing forward. Though it is pretty subtle and I think you're right it may serve it better having the tail come more clearly from the rear. I'm afraid that would mess with the balance of the form. Either way, I will certainly revisit that and play around with it.

Again, thanks for your feedback everyone. This is very fun and I'll be posting as many designs as time and ideas allow.
- Clint of THEY-design


too little
too nothing
too too too too too too too too


woo i like it :]
haha national geographics


That's gorgeous!!! :3


It's simple but its awesome. I like it how it is. It would lose its integrity if you added more to it.


I totally didn't see the lion either - but I love lions so that's great now that i DO see it! Something about it makes it a little TOO hard to see, but otherwise it's great...


I like it! A lot. :)
And the way it curls off down the bottom is awesome!


Really pretty but maybe the Grey background may be changed ^^ (I'd prefer in blue)


I love everything about it and i think the white on dark blue looks hella sick.
I'd buy it in an instant!





Am I the only one who feels that the lion is a lil' short and stubby? ...Maybe I just have misconceptions regarding lion anatomy. I like, though! Especially with a couple tweaks hurr and thurr. I see potential.


I like the second mock up much better. And I guess for those who didn't get it the first time, it does show up more clearly with the white on dark blue.

Mare Bear

Interesting design, I like that I had to take a second look to notice the lion.


This is a wicked design... $5
i think it would look wicked in the bottom corner and in possibly black.


beautiful...the lion looks like a wolf to me, but maybe i'm blind


Thanks everyone. If it does go to print I'll be sure to do it on some darker colors, and even some earth tones for you all.



It is like I am staring at clouds. I cannot figure out what everyone is talking about. Where is this lion? I like the style of the design but it needs something to make the point a tad more apparent.


Try clicking here. It's an exaggerated profile of a Lion facing to the left. Top to bottom down the left side: Ear, eye brow, nose, puffy chest, feet, tail.

Everyone enjoys staring at clouds right?

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