What an awesome shirt.

I haven't written a blog here per se, but I was compelled to write about my experience today with this shirt.

I went to Six Flags today with my physics class, and wore this shirt; I have never gotten so many compliments, from both my friends and strangers.

"wow, awesome shirt!"
"that shirt is so great!"
"excuse me, where did you get that shirt?"
"dude look at that guy's shirt"

I was referring people to you all day Threadless. I wish I was getting paid to do that. Maybe you can give me some store credit?

Watch this

make cards with your street team link on them. I'd do it, but no-one ever asks me.


I've considered making cards with my street team link on it before because seriously, the number of people I've referred to Threadless by word of mouth is phenomenal. People are always asking me where I get my shirts.

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