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I really was trying to be nice, were allowed to put out opions, i know all of you do. I wasnt trying to be rude really. I am sorry if i upset anyone, really. I was trying to whine either so grow up. And yes I know I look so much younger, byt trust me, I really am 20 (tomorrow) I just made on comment, and thats it. Also, people hav emade big deals about other shirts on here, one si like, so I know whats its like to have someone not like the shirt you do, its what you like or don't liek that matter, not other people. I was just saying what i think, like everyone else does here.

and yea I kind of do resemble Scarlett Johannsen (its my nick name at work) well sorry if I wasted your time, and if I said anything offending, have a great day. and remember kids "Dont do whatever you like, like whatever you do!"

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Um, it would be nice if you posted the original blog that apparently you offended people so much that you had to write an apology blog. By the way, as long as your original opinion was clearly stated and didn't contradict itself, there's no reason in the world you should apologize for it. You will learn blogging here more and more that some people, no matter what the topic or reason for you saying so, will call you a douchewhore or some other wonderfully clever phrase if they don't agree with you no matter what. So don't worry about it on this site...just make sure you can back up your statements and no apoliges neccessary.




Read the blog...thats titled "Im sorry but..its about this shirt


what was the point of apologizing. you cried about the shirt. i had no problem.

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You do not resemble Scarlett Johansson. Oops.

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shibby558899 on May 23 '07 at 8:43pm

You see, Mickalick? People say douchewhore just about every other blog comment on this site, you've probably just become desensitized to it. You believe me know?


so i know wat a whore is...wats a douche? pardon, i live under a large rock.
any definition will suffice.


I remember one time i posted a blog about the metal shirt and got hella shot down by everyone. I think i deleted it, because everyon was spamming it.

Threadless rule...dont post dissaproval of a shirt unless if you expect to get some shit.

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