Two-Timing Jelly

  • by Spluftin
  • posted May 23, 2007

Watch this

I like it


fun idea. maybe not on a shirt though. write a short story around this idea... id enjoy that more.


i think this idea of unfaithful food is starting to get old.

but as far as this design goes, i wish the characters didn't seem so flat. also, i'd drop the placement to be at least 4 inches below the collar.


the only thing I like about this shirt is the toast bed


its just a slight variation on the: got some splainin t shirt


I haven't copied anyone else's ideas...the first day I had checked this site out, I got this idea and did it. I haven't taken someone else's idea and did a variation. If someone else had done something along the same lines, then so be it.

And as for unfaithful food ideas, I have actually seen none until mandyhello posted one on it. So my bad for having an idea that other people have come up with which I was unaware.


cute idea,
but there are already a lot of shirts
wiht foods and condiments cheating on each other.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Nice touch on the bread bed.


Isn't it usually a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a fluffer nutter? So isn't the peanut butter the two-timer? Somehow a marshmallow and jelly sandwich doesn't sounds appealling at ALL...


I don't know about you, but I wouldnt eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that had sex with each other on a normal basis's the fact that shes cheating on him with something unexpected, not something that goes together normally...otherwise they could just have a messy sandwich threesome.
I get this feeling I'm getting a lot of zeros comin' my way.


It does makes more sense to have peanut butter cheating with fluffenutter and have jelly catch them. Unless if you're trying to point out how gross adultery is.

I'd would get rid of the picture over the bed -- pare it down to just the basics. Mr. fluffenutter looks like he's just going through the motions.

Also, they should be "undressing" by taking off their caps (the rag that jelly has isn't necessary).

Annie in Wonderland

I may just be wierd, but i've never had a fluff and jelly sandwich, but i love peanut butter and fluff.Wouldn't it be two-timing peanut butter?


jelly look slike she is hanging out the washing in her room and being unwillingly stalked or something


Am I the only one that didn't get what the ingredients were? Must be a US thing...


Shouldn't it be the peanut butter cheating on the jelly? Who eats fluff and jelly sandwiches? It's fluffernutter sandwiches!


i think it is kewl i wouldn't wear this but i still give you props on the idea and i think it is a really kewl idea


wow it was really that bad it got cut short in the voting process....g effing g to me!


well it sucks... not original and art is horrible...

what were u expecting?

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