This has been done before!

  • by bluemonq
  • posted May 22, 2007
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lol at Gigli sucks


Today Tom Brazelton, the creator of Theater Hopper, posted a long talk about this and said he has no qualms whatsoever with this shirt being up:

Tom Brazelton

I have no qualms, but I'm jealous! Digg? BoingBoing? Attack of the Show? That coulda been me!

I want that $2,000! ;-D

I've kind of refrained from posting anything in Threadless about it because I didn't want to get into a slap fight with the people backing Olly. But I want to say thanks to the people who have been posting links back to my designs on Theater Hopper. I never knew I had this many friends!

Yeah, check out the blog on my site for all of my opinions on the matter.


cor....way similar.....


Olli Moss might claim that he started making a thread about this wayback 2003, but Tom Brazelton first thought of the idea putting it on a shirt.

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besides, lists of spoilers have been done for years. it's not that big of a leap to put it on a t-shirt, so no wonder that two different people(probably more than two) have done it. the importance here is wether or not these make good t-shirts. and they both do in their own ways, so i'm sure they're not really hurting each others sales

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hell, you should see the list of t-shirt ideas i've rejected over the years after finding out somebody else had done it first


OlliRudi's is done with more flair and a better sense of design and impact.

He's cleverly incorporated illustration into what would otherwise have been a rather dull list of spoilers. I appreciate Tom's idea, but I don't think it made anywhere near as good a t-shirt.

Tom Brazelton

I won't argue that Olly designed his shirt with more flair. The shirts I came up with were actually some of my first attempts at t-shirt design and Olly's been at it for a while, so that's to be expected.

I will share that I made a conscious decision at the time to avoid using any images for fear of copyright infringement and I think if Olly was going to get into trouble, it would be for that. LucasFilm historically isn't very tolerant of their character designs being used without their permission.

But, yeah. Even on the type treatment, he does a better job. As one artist to another, I recognize that.

In terms of sales, this "controversy" has actually been very good for me because it's brought a lot of people to Theater Hopper who wouldn't have come otherwise. And some of them are buying my shirt! Go figure!

Flying Toaster

Glenn Jones didn't get into trouble for making Dark Side of The Garden.
I like the humour of your shirts Tom :D

Tom Brazelton

Good point, on Dark Side of The Garden, Toaster. I forgot about that one.

In my blog I referenced another web comic author who made a pixelated R2-D2 on a t-shirt and got tagged for it. In web comic circles it was kind of a "WTF" moment.

Thanks for the compliments on my shirts!


Doh - how am I supposed to keep up with all these Olli/ys?

Damn you all.

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Oliver, Oliver never before have two designers won more


TOM! you're on threadless! hehe, that's so cool, love ya man! big fan.


woohoo @ 'wash dies' in spoiler 2, Tom.

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