entertaining the streets

  • by LILMAUI
  • posted May 22, 2007

and make some money 2!

Watch this

i would not recommend using the same art for two different designs. it has the effect of cheapening the design into something like clipart.

that said, i like drawing of the hat and coins


black black black.. not enough dark shirts are printed on threadless...

secret ink

how did you do that flash?


Bah, if this is an improvement (And it is ) I see no problem in using an element of a previous design.

That way good ideas dont get lost.


Don't click!
On re would be nice.


I love it all, except the dollar signs on the coins.

Music Marie

I love it! And keep the dollar signs, or put cent signs, or draw little George Washington faces. Don't just get rid of the dollar signs though because otherwise it won't look like money.


Noice, the placement on the shirt is wonderful.


I'd buy it if it was only the accordion


I feel like the accordion is a little too close to the neckline. If it was brought down a little bit it would seem to complement a persons natural body type.


I would like this without the hat so far down in the corner.


I like it a lot!

I like it best on a light-colored shirt.


yeah lighter colour man. great tho. love it.


Creative idea, but I'd prefer brown for the shirt color and cent symbols instead of dollar signs.


I think it might be better if it is on a brown or black shirt and the instrument should be a bit furthur done.

Other then that, it;s great!

Tys Tees

put it on black for sure, but great design!

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