• by VIOREL
  • posted May 22, 2007

Watch this

Ninja, is this a joke with the colors?


That's exacly how I imagine my dream girl...a double amputee who's always looking away from me...is this supposed to be some kind of weird gorgon reference?

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she could cut glass with those nipples

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If you want to continue with this concept, I'd suggest making the hair wilder. You might also want to make the lines of the person even more stylized (so there is a suggestion of a person rather than an exact illustration). I think the real star of this shirt should be the snake hair instead of the naked lady, basically.


... and make the background clear. That pale blue block is weird,


I agree with Bowtie - was the background supposed to be a different color than the shirt?

As it stands, the idea has potential. Remove the nipple (it's not necessary) and draw her as more than just a straight outline - maybe more sketched instead of perfectly smooth lines.


If you remove that nipple i swear to god you have no soul... Dont listen to Asperoth... Nipples are perfectly acceptable, and in fact it does justice to the image. If anything the nipple could have a little curve added just so it doesnt look so sharp. ... Zombiefood, She is not an amputee, she is sitting, in a quite standard pose. Her legs are over the edge of her seat...

On critique ... More color options. The wilder hair comment might work, but dont mess this up too much its elegant as is. The fact that we cannot see her face really plays into the dream concept, and shouldnt be changed.

As is 3 of 5 ... better color and some softening of some edges and id give it a 4 maybe even 5.


I like the illustration. Her hand looks a little large & I am not sure about where her hip bone should be-looks a little awkward. The nipple doesn't bother me. I agree with the above comments of making the background clear and making the hair a little wilder to go with the snakes. Rework & resub.

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