Really bothering us..

but me and my friends can't figure out what some of these are to save our lives..:

"It was Earth all along"

"Kristin shoots JR"

"Rosebud was the name of his sled"

"Verbal is keyser soze"

"His friends are all part of his beautiful mind"

We all have ideas about where these are from but we're not sure. Help!

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Cactus Pirate Jr.
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It was Earth all along is Planet of the Apes.

chemi hydro

Verbal is from Usual Suspects

chemi hydro

JR is from the show Dallas


beautiful mind is the beautiful mind one, kristin shoots jr was from a tv show called dallas/


aside from the first one, which cactus already gave you, typing these exact lines into Google will give you your answers.....

chemi hydro

I'm surprised that you caught the Wicker Man reference and didn't know these.

Of course you probably saw the newer wicker man and not the original to which I'm guessing that you are really young


May the new Wicker Man burn in hell. Damn, that Nic Cage.


What an awesome Tshirt...So clever..definitley have to have this one.


ahahaha I will be getting this one.


I don't think that's a wicker man reference (if you mean the 'the village is a nature reserve' one). I think it's a reference to The Village, as in the one by the guy who directed teh sixth sense. I think.


Ok so most of my assumptions were right...
except for Rosebud and JR.


And it was the new Wicker Man, of course.. Haha.


who is the "us" in your post heading?


What's "Dill is actually a man" and "Neo is the one" ?


neo is from matrix

dunno the dill


Dil - The Crying Game
she is a he


Neo - ever heard of "The Matrix"? :)

Dil - The Crying Game.

OTOH, I didn't get the Tyler Durden one - Fight Club, apparently.

And on the Harry Potter one - there's a whole book left before we know that for sure :)


hahaha, why the HELL is crying game involved with these otherwise really good movies?


dil is from the crying game. The only one I couldn't work out was the village in the nature reserve. Not seen The Village but from the imdb reviews it seems probable.

Nice shirt... and obviously a talking point :)


ok, what's the killer with the split personality one from?
and the protagonists are the others?
and the village that sacrifices the policeman?


Killer= Psycho (I just watched that last night for the first time)
Protagonists= Lost? Or the Others? Don't really know, haven't really watched any of the new Losts or The Others


Is the "others" one a Lost reference?

I'm not picking this one up simply because I'd feel bad being a walking spoiler. Cool shirt though, I understand why people would wear it.


yeah, when I read "Others", I think Lost, but I don't understand the reference and I watch that show religiously... unless the designer already knows something that I don't


No, "The Others" is from a movie of that title. There's a family whose house is supposedly haunted by ghosts but they later find out that the "ghosts" were people who moved in after the protagonists died.


Ah, see, that's what I though...

Again, another movie my friends ruined for me long before this shirt came along. ^_^


ohh, was the other Wicker Man better than the new one? The new one sucked but I'd try the old one if it was good.

chemi hydro

Dr Manhattan-

"The Villagers Sacrifice the Policeman" is from the Wicker Man

I've seen the original and it's crazy. It stars the guy from the Equlizer

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i'm sorry, but i cannot tell you how stupid you and your friends sound asking these questions. it's not like these movies weren't on the mainstream circuit. most of them are cult. i'd use google before i posted this entry.

chemi hydro

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever. - Chinese Proverb


I wasn't gonna be nearly as harsh as vonbrandis, but yeah, it's amazing how someone that would be into this shirt - a movie fan, hopefully, not just a neat-shirt fan - would know so few of these references. Not knowing The Usual Suspects? Wondering why Crying Game "belongs" on a list of great/classic spoilers? Not freaking knowing what ROSEBUD was?

You're probably the same people that bought up The Green Fairy tee before I had a chance, not knowing what that meant either :) You people voted for Hubert Humphrey, and you killed Jesus.

Sorry. Having a bad morning. Go watch good movies. Go read good books.

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