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Watch this

i looove the image, but... smaller and without the text!


Very nice


for some reason, i want to see his shoes and the arm behind the body feels awkward. not too fond of the words either but overall, the whole design gives me this creepy tingly feeling, which is good.


I like it, but I don't like the text.
Minus text = great design.


I like the text too, but it's a little unnecessary. $4 for now.


Hey, crazy awesomem design but the arm behind the back doesn't thrill me and like some other people said, the tesxt is a bit distracting, maybe more of those melting squiggly things wrapping around it a bit more?


love the design. i dont get the text, however.....


Freaky, I have to agree on the arm behind the back thing.. maybe njust put his hand in his pocket even? Not sure about the text myself either.. maybe try a sub without it, see how it flies?


What happened to his head?


its awesome. i love that the suit is colored by dots. maybe itd be good without text, but i think it goes, i like it, and nice play on words by the way. and as for the arm in back, im totally feeling that. i think the arms “make it” positions and all. i also like that it lacks head, hands, feet, all body parts that would show. it gives it a more mysterious feel. i want it.


Cool design bud, what does "no threads" mean though, it doesn't tie in with the drawing.




Yes, we understand that, but we don't like it. The design is better without the text.


I love the design, but I'd like to see it on the other color options... I think it could look quite sharp on charcoal or the light gray.


Woah. I do also like it with no text. The illustration is kinda creepy... in a good way!


i guess it's good, but i see so much garbage that looks like this on here it's hard to tell any more.


I would like to see his hand in his pocket, no text, and the rest is great :)

I really like the arm/hand.

The Crackers

hey nathan

when people give you constructive criticism

take it.

don't say "WELL I LIKE THE TEXT!"

because the community doesn't like it.

take out the text

and learn how to take constructive criticism


Sorry if I came off like that, the actual thing I said was "I like the text" no caps, no snotty "WELL". I make band t-shirts and the name of the band has to be on the shirt, so deciding if text looks good or not is going to take some getting used to. Thank you all for telling what you think. I don’t however know the rules about resubmitting or subdesigns of the same design, could someone explain that to me?

LC is laughing

very nicely done... but i agree on the idea of no text... although i think it woud still be gnarley with the text.

your design, your decision. but i like it better without


I say leave the text, type as image!

Great work. Nice image. Not a concept I would go for though.

Just Smile and Wave

It's got a very dark touch to it. Other than the text, I think it's good.


text could go, but design is very nice

myy teen angst

i like the design. but take out the text.


I like the whole thing! Weird arm, text and all!


cool squid arms

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