A big thanks!

Thanks to all the threadless family for supporting me! thanks hellogoodbye for sporting this shirt and a huge thanks to the people behind threadless...that helped me through the final design! woooooot!!!!

and a big special thanks to margarita that help me with that initial push :)

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ladykat profile pic Alumni

Congrats! It's a beautiful design and an awesome shirt!


Congratulations! I can't wait to wear it.

Fawnfruits profile pic Alumni

i have a really crappy version of this shirt.... now i can toss that and get a nice 5 screen print of this!!!


I look forward to seeing more submissions from you!


finally printed... congratulations... well deserved!!!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

ahh this look so awesome! and i love how big it is on the shirt. yay. congrats daniel!


This had to be my first order, GREEEEEEEEEEEEAT design hope to see another prints by you!

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