• by Spluftin
  • posted May 20, 2007

The Mystery of the hidden Guitraffe has been uncovered.

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The Mystery of the hidden Guitraffe has been uncovered.


I really love the premise! But the part where the neck of the guitar blends into the giraffe's head is kind of awkward (the way it suddenly gets a lot thicker).


That is a horrible play on words. They don't even sound similar.


But the design isn't all that bad.
I agree with scoobydooto, though.


the neck bends like that because thats where it bends out on a guitar. so its still keeping that part of the guitar aspect at that point then goes into the head. It looks funny, I thought, without it, because then the tuners aren't where they should be otherwise properly. But keep the comments comin guys, thanks!


I am almost sure this wasn't meant to be a play on words at all, dnangel111, the premise was the picture, and the name came after. I'm not one for guitar shirts, as I've said before, but I know that many are... The tail looks kind of odd to me... The giraffe's face is beautiful. Nicely done.


Wow, this is interesting.


i like the idea and the design but placement of it seems very awkward and forced. it doesn't feel like it would place nicely anywhere on a t-shirt. but the design is beautiful =]


...the art of imposible. +++++


wow... okay its an interesting idea... i would almost say this picture is boring, which sounds weird because usually giraffe/guitars arent boring but for some reason it doesnt seem that eyecatching
if that at all makes sense


not achived, doesnt look cute or cool or ugly or horrible, its like nothing is achived, but good concept


I'm not really sure what you even mean guzjorge.....and by achived, I assume you mean like the concept, yet its no good? I'm lost here.


Two beautiful things with long neck brought together

great work ! :)


for the adults or the kiddies indeed


lol i like it, good job!


thanks guys for the comments, I hope it'll actually get printed so I can get one for myself even.

Elaine the Pain

Haha I like this!
Only thing that looks a bit dodge is the tail...but other than that, great submission!


I've had two comments now with the issue of the tail, but its actually exactly how the giraffes tail is. I got that from a picture of a real giraffe. But thanks for the positive feedback guys, keep it comin'.

cartooner profile pic Alumni

even if that is what it looks like, that tail looks like the giraffe is laying a duce, but its still hanging on for dear life... lol, dont worry giraffe, weve all been there


Hahah, so cute. Lovely! Love the guitar! Woo..but there's no guitar of this design, is there? Haha!

Music Marie

So strange and so amazing. I'll take it in tan, please.


This is fantastic. I'd buy it for sure.

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