Atomic Woman

I pictured her in a ballroom or on a stage performing while looking like a mushroom cloud. Hope you guys like it. Be kind, vote $5!

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I Ruff You

I pictured her in a ballroom or on a stage performing while looking like a mushroom cloud. Hope you guys like it. Be kind, vote $5!


i dont know why but she reminds me of sideshow bob

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

looks cool from far away on the orange, and the folds in the dress are illustrated excellently


wow, i like this alot. Definitly my favorite of the day. $5


very interesting


Because we all know that drawing orchestras are way too easy... anyways i like it. sweet idea


this is a very EXPLOSIVE design that you have here, my friend. (i had to do it)


yea, the orange one is very cool

color me blank

i like this,
but i really wish there was something in the background.

Ben TM

I thought it was a tree at first :P


I love the impressionistic take on this... imagine it walking towards you on someone else... I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off it.


arms look like a man and she doesn't have curves of a woman, but other than that i love it...make her more elegant- aka fit the ball gown. $4


this is cool, but make it bigger and maybe make her body position less straight up.


i'm in a class called "bomb" that's based around the creation and use of the atomic bomb, and i'm pretty sure i need this shirt!


She kinda looks like my mom when I get her mad, yelling and her hair is all pulled out of place from her yanking at it.


p.s- 4


Great work. It'd be even better with some sort of background.

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Great character and illustration, like it on orange


totally great idea


neat idea

would like to see what the orange design on a black shirt looks like

maybe have a kid on the side running away from the lady "flying" a toy bomber
sorta like this

I Ruff You

that's a great idea, helo. Thanx for all the input and feedback, guys!


For some reason, I really like this...the hair (Sideshow Bob), the face, the dress, everything. She looks like she's singing. Or having a hot flash. 4$


This is really interesting, and I like it, but honestly, I'm not too sure about the face.


i need an orange t

howzabout it en naranja amigo?


I'd almost prefer for her to be drawn from behind, there's something I don't like about her arms and face. Otherwise, an amazing concept. You definitely have something here.


yeah! really cool. 4$


I really like it. I just think it just needs some more references to an atomic bomb :-/

p.s: 4


I REALLY like the idea, colors etc... but she definitely needs more sex appeal... right now she kind of looks like a middle aged woman just crawling out of bed: saggy, yawning, mussed hair. So, put a bra on that woman, give her some mascara, and you'll have a bombshell. :)


Cool idea. Everyone is right, the orange looks great. However I don't like the drawing of her arms and face, her arms as mentioned do look manly and confuse the concept in my opinion. Her facial expression seems to be somewhere between a yawn and a trashy girl calling out some slang ridden insult. She just dosn't look elegant enough, which leads me to a question. Just what is elegant about a nuclear bomb exploding???? They arn't romantic, they are technically amazing but no less a horrible use of the human mind.


Bigger and some tweaking to make it ~sexier~ and it would be pretty great


The woman would look better curvier. Other than that, it's good.

I Ruff You

the woman would look better curvier, but i'm afraid that would take away from the mushroom cloud effect.


put her in an all-gray city!!!!!! standing in it!!!!!
oh man the woman is so good, but alone on a shirt it doesn't look so good!
it's pretty though.


That is hilarious!


Excellent! I love how it looks like a perfect mushroom cloud from farther away.


PS- Do NOT do "curvier" or "sexier" as the little boys who have too much testosterone are saying on here. It would TOTALLY take away from the drawing's purpose.


Ace, but I don't like the hand she's holding across her chest, it looks awkward.


I agree with Degazio, this is great just the way it is. I'd buy this in a second on orange! $5


nice idea.
the orange looks awesome.


Haha, looks great. I like the hangar plane idea, but maybe the little boy could be running away chased by music notes on the back? Also her facial expression kinda bugs she supposed to be demonic//pledging to something ? I get that its a bomb :]

Wish this was in critiques before, do you think you could add a little more in spite of it not being? Overall it's still awesome. esp. the orange version :]

I'd like it in maroon too, but only because i dont look that great in orange =/ haha. I can deal with it though

4; $5 if it had a few minor additions


hmm won't the graphic be stretched weirdly across the girly chest?

Aside from that, I love the design! Would totally buy it if it were printed! Hope it wins (:


she looks like she's going into a operatic solo. Like, "don't cry for me argentina" or something.
great idea!

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