winner take all

  • by sepierce
  • posted May 19, 2007

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Ben TM

I like the idea. Execution leaves something to be desired.

I_ am_Moose

I can see this on a gig poster but not on a t-shirt. Hmm. Maybe my new band should be called avenge the paper!


Not on a shirt. And skip the arms and legs.


this might work better on the shirt if you illustrated the rock and the scissors to match the style of the paper.


awesome concept, awesomely AWFUL art

the rock and the scissors have potential, theres alot of detail in them and i like the look, very photo-ish for just 5 colors. what about loosing the arms, legs, and paper and just going with the scissors trying to beat the rock?


good work with the color limit..


if you got rid of the arms and legs and it was like dead paper a rock and scissors it would be better. oh but make the paper more photo like to match the rest of the drawing.


i dont like the real rock and real scissors with the relaly fake paper


and why doesnt the paper have limbs...


^ i agree with terryb...concept has potential though


i get it and i think its pretty sweet.
the rock is the most important, the paper the least which is why it is not an actual image with arms and legs.
which i like btw, the arms and legs make it more comical which is what you were going for...
id buy it


This is ridiculous in a good way, but as mentioned above, execution leaves something to be desired. Great concept, and your graphics are on the way there... As it is, it seems like you're trying to go for a Terry Gilliam style, which I think is good, but it just looks a little rushed.


I actually like the crude execution. The legs and arms are so terrible that they actually look good (I know that doesn't make sense, but it's true none-the-less). I think it's almost perfect as-is. Just add some disconnected legs and arms to the dead paper and it will be $5.


Imagine how horrifying the paper's death must have been.

At the risk of being redundant, I must now run away.


There is a few problems with the exicution, most of which are mentioned above^^^ but the idea = AWSOME


i kind of like it the way it is.


Thanks for the advice guys! Obviously I am no good at drawing arms and legs. I had hoped they would be funny badly-drawn rather than distracting badly-drawn, but I guess maybe not : \

what whaaat

i like the idea but not the design so much...


I think it's brilliant.
You could tweak the design some,
but the concept rules!


it's all good. I've seen worse legs and arms than those and I agree with the badly-drawn idea.


have the paper suffocating the rock, and the scissors saving


I like TommyM's idea as long as the paper has limbs


potential. lose the arms and legs. give it some continuity, mayby just put the scisors stabing through the paper into the ground.


Why does the paper look like it's made out of glass? May the way the pieces cut off look, I think.


good concept, would be better illustrated, no blood...if you want bleeding then make the ink run or something


=[ dont make the paper bleeds...


very good concept! bed design...


I really like actually the photographic scissors and rock mixed with the simplified cartoony limbs. I say just have the rock and scissors as they are, lose all blood and the paper altogether.


Yeah, loose the blood haha. I like it though.



don't "loose" the blood.


i like it with the blood


brilliant! with the blood.


I actually really like this! Although I do agree that there should probably be some hacked-off limbs for the paper...but other than that, I love it. Reminds me of Monty Python. XD


Great idea but not executed very well. Sorry!!


Interesting, but seems like the blood is unnecessary.


More blood. Or not.

Maybe a little less ophotographic and a little more cartoonish?
Or just put a giraffe in place of the whole pun.


I agree about the photographic rock and scissors (not with the giraffe). They are not consistent with the paper and it throws the whole thing off. I dig the concept, but would like to see something just a little more cohesive. That, and while I have no problem with the bleeding paper concept, I think that the large pool overwhelms the design and detracts from it.




If you drew the rock and paper in a cartoony style - along the same lines as the paper, it could be brilliant.

As others have said and as the general consensus seems to think; it's current execution is unrefined, and not in a good way.


cute idea but i think if it were more cartoony, it would be much clearer. The Paper is not very obvious

kamikaze degenerate

I like it. But I'd either have the scissors standing in the blood, or have bloody footprints. That and I might move the three elements around a little bit, as to me it seems slightly unbalanced.


Cool idea. And it doesn't have to be cartoony as people are suggesting, geez, I swear these people LOVE the melting pot idea.

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