Roller Coaster

  • by shiribt
  • posted May 18, 2007

Watch this

Hmm. It is indeed a roller coaster.
Does it wrap around?


Lose the text and wrap it. Do that and it'll be a $5 from me. In the mean time 4, no buy.


I actually like the text because I think it needs more than a creen colored roller coaster photo. I'll bump up my score if you say it wraps around though.

Cold Collards

Yeah, one of the few times a wrap around and lower placement has worked for me. Maybe a third color?


I agree with everyone else- lose that text and wrap the rollercoaster photo around. If you feel like it needs to be more than just a rollercoaster, maybe add a flock of birds, or a plane, or some clouds or something up near the shoulders, in what would be the sky.


Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments! This is my first Threadless design!
The RolloerCoaster does wrap around in my original design, I didn't know I could upload a 2 sided tee here...
Thanks for voting!


Take off the text and I would buy it. Maybe a couple for friends as well. Please, oh please, resub with no text.


I would prefer the design not to have the ROLLER COASTER ROLLER COASTER ROLLER COASTER on it. It would be wayyy better.

coeur de formose

it's a good idea of having the roller coaster wrapping over, but i'd prefer it in different color. btw, where's the "car"?. you should add the "car" no? should be better i think.


Wrap, yes. Words, no. I would also like the "car", like coeur de said. That could be your 2nd color. People or no people? I don't know.

Definitely a great summer T!


Wrap around would be awesome, and maybe without the text. Putting some pink carts on the tracks would be pretty neat though!!


For one thing, don't steal photos.

For another thing, this is not a very good design anyways.

Stolen X-Car prototype photo? Check

Bad design? Check.

1? Priceless.


i like how its neon green :) against a grayish blackish background
i think it should wrap around that would be cool-er :)


Very cool, I'd buy it.


cool idea, but, like most other oeople have said, it's be a lot better without the text.
also, it might be good if you could include a guy in a car at several different places in the ride, such as when he's upside down, in the 'hands-up' position at a peak, getting off etc.
another thing, does the wrap-around bit synch up to make a constant loop?

still, £5'd.


Doesn't need the words


I think I would like it better without the text


Hmmm...interesting, but I don't like the text.


Sweet drawing, But maybe switch the colors to something more like "blk shirt, bright orange coaster" and lose the text. If you REALLY want to keep the text then make it white maybe, or a light grey.

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