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Smitty McGillicutty

awesome, the only thing I woul say, and this is nit picky, is to have a little bit of blue color on the design


I'm not into it. While I agree that wearing one of these around would be silly, It still makes me sad. Why the h8?


it's not hate. i actually own one. it's funny.

and to theother comment, it could be printed on a blue shirt?


i own one too, and i would totally wear this shirt while wearing my earpiece. lol. it's hilarious! i do however, agree it needs some blue-ness.


I want to kick everyone with bluetooth in the balls and/or punch them in the boobies then run them over with my rusty, brown datsun.


nice work spenny. though it looks like you have a swift kick to the balls coming from mr. robothate.


to be fair robothate does specify hate in the name haha. i like it, my gf has a bluetooth and would think this is hilarious, i'd wear it for sure


Ooh, I will totally wear this around the office. Those things should not be worn while not in use.


Hahaha!! Love it!


yeah... it's great. good work.


You should make a shirt that has something about how bluetools look like they're talking to themselves [or to you] when they're on the phone.


i have to admit i have one... my mom ot it for me so i can talk to her when im folding laundry of playing with my son, and i have to admit, im embaressed about it, but i love the shirt!! its hilarious!!


the text should be sharper, and by that i mean in wit


If you were to put any blue into it, I think it should be the one shape in the middle of the image of the device.


Ha! That is SO true! I have a friend that calls them "borgs".

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

4 teh g33xorzz


For some reason I adore this.

A small jab to those who think their gadgets give them an edge.


Oh I would so wear this. Habitual bluetooth wearers drive me NUTS.


I agree one hundred percent.


the people who wear these are one step closer to being cyborgs I think thats why they like them so much. Who wouldn't want to be half robot. excellent execution.


Hey Hey I own one because I like to talk on the phone while driving XD

Besides, they are handy.


this is great, i see cops wearing these all the time


hehehehe....good i like this!!

Chris Carney

A good idea, but a little wishy-washy in execution.


Ha. My dad wears one all the time. PLEASE win. But a blue shirt would be better.


I'm trendy and important.

However, no blue tooth accessory to the max.


should say "has the appearance that one is talking to themselves"

i hate those things


I would wear this if i had a bluetooth.

Fletcher Fashion

i know so many blue-tools.

i always rip the things off their ears when they wear it around.
It is only acceptable in a car while driving.

Too lazy to hold a phone up to your ear?
You may be a blue-tool.


ahhaha very funny, although i'd feel a little prententious if i wore it.


my mother is such a blue-tool. It doesn't help that she can't work the damn thing.


I work at a local pizza place, and I would absolutely LOVE to wear this on the job.

I honestly hate it when people won't stop yapping just for the thirty seconds it takes me to get their orders and ring them up.

  1. "They" is not a gender-neutral singular pronoun.
  2. There are enough black t-shirts in the world.
  3. Why have a bluetooth shirt with no blue in it?
  4. Rather than copying an existing bluetooth device, why not whip up a stylized version?
  5. I think the definition ganked from the Urban Dictionary should go on the back.

how funny! but i would cross my arms if i ever wore it around a blue tool, i would feel slightly bad....haha...$5


How is they not gender neutral, educate me?

One is not a singular pronoun either. It is dual use.


I call it right now... there will be a new medical ailment similar to "cauliflower ear" only it will be Blue-Tool ear. Cuz, don't you think the constant wear is gonna have SOME effect on your cartilage? We shall see. I like your idea, btw.


Seeza, 'they' is a PLURAL pronoun. It's really that simple.


so when do we get to buy this bad boy?

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