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True Patriot

"Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, Thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought is great and swift and free." --Bertrand Russell

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"Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, Thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought is great and swift and free." --Bertrand Russell


if you don't like it, don't live there.


i don't generally like heart shirts but the execution of this is mind-blowing. $5


awesome, I live in America, and have the RIGHT to say that it's so fucked up--and it is. I can "hate" the things that go on, and still like to live here.

zipperking profile pic Alumni

you need to flip with union part of the flag, there are actually regulations when designing with the flag colors

The Ringleader

YES. I fricking love this shirt. Things are so fucked up in America, it's mindblowing. I'd buy this in a heartbeat (no pun intended).

Cold Collards

One of the better designs I've seen in a bit.


I like how greed is at the center of the American heart. As a young citizen of the USA, I give this $5.


How many more heart shirts are we going to get? Why must they all be anatomically correct? What happened to metaphor, eh?
(However, it's reasonably cool)


An anatomical heart is no less metaphorical than a symbolic heart.

This is a really well executed design, but I fear it may be a little too heavy handed for a Threadless shirt.


the blue needs to be on the left side, as zipperking said - there are laws about using the american flag.

also make the heart a bit smaller. Most people don't want a huge organ on their shirt.


The Flag Code

Previous to Flag Day, June 14, 1923 there were no federal or state regulations governing display of the United States Flag. It was on this date that the National Flag Code was adopted by the National Flag Conference which was attended by representatives of the Army and Navy which had evolved their own procedures, and some 66 other national groups. This purpose of providing clear guidance based on the Army and Navy procedures relating to display and associated questions about the U. S. Flag was adopted by all organizations in attendance.

A few minor changes were made a year later during the Flag Day 1924 Conference, It was not until June 22, 1942 that Congress passed a joint resolution which was amended on December 22, 1942 to become Public Law 829; Chapter 806, 77th Congress, 2nd session. Exact rules for use and display of the flag (36 U.S.C. 173-178) as well as associated sections (36 U.S.C. 171) Conduct during Playing of the National Anthem, (36 U.S.C. 172) the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Manner of Delivery were included.

This code is the guide for all handling and display of the Stars and Stripes. It does not impose any penalties, neither civil or criminal for misuse of the United States Flag. That is left to the states and to the federal government for the District of Columbia. Each state has its own flag law.

Criminal penalties for certain acts of desecration to the flag were contained in Title 18 of the United States Code prior to 1989. The Supreme Court decision in Texas v. Johnson; June 21, 1989, held the statute unconstitutional. This statute was amended when the Flag Protection Act of 1989 (Oct. 28, 1989) imposed a fine and/or up to I year in prison for knowingly mutilating, defacing, physically defiling, maintaining on the floor or trampling upon any flag of the United States. The Flag Protection Act of 1989 was struck down by the Supreme Court decision, United States vs. Eichman, decided on June 11, 1990.

While the Code empowers the President of the United States to alter, modify, repeal or prescribe additional rules regarding the Flag, no federal agency has the authority to issue 'official' rulings legally binding on civilians or civilian groups. Consequently, different interpretations of various provisions of the Code may continue to be made. The Flag Code may be fairly tested: 'No disrespect should be shown to the Flag of the United States of America.' Therefore, actions not specifically included in the Code may be deemed acceptable as long as proper respect is shown.


The seven deadly sins and america, maybe that's why we all get along so well here and don't walk into crowded restaurants to blow ourselves up.

Frank Vice

strong statement and great execution = 5 from me. I don't think I'd wear it though


"if you don't like it, don't live there."

Are you being serious?

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Gluttony is the cholesterol that clogs our arteries, greed is the tar that blackens our lungs, lust is the blood that rushes south from our hearts, but our heart is none of these sins. The areas you point to with the sins seem insignificant and disconnected, pretty much random. The statement is unclear except on a base level that anyone in America has a heart filled with sin, but I dont think thats the message you intended, so it needs more work. If it is the message you intended you're an idiot, but I reserve that judgement for a later time and will assume that you are much smarter than that. I have to hand it to you for at least eliciting a response of this depth from me. So you may be onto something, you just aren't there yet. To be clear, I, in no way, am intending to insult you. The design just seems unclear and unfinished.


Have fun selling this one to the "good ol' boys" down south. My point being that whoever wears this will, at some point in time, encounter arguments. Arguments with strangers, family and friends. If you have a strong argument prepared to back up this statement everytime you get approached and don't mind raising your blood pressure in frequent verbal disputes then this shirt's for you!

zombie wendy

I love it! How much fun will it be wearing this in the Maryalnd suburbs of DC!


catchcris - Do people actually go up to strangers and argue about their t-shirts? I have yet to hear or see a situation like that. I don't know where you live, but strangers don't pick fights over t-shirts


yawn? shit no! this design is really good, and thank you for not putiing this actual size over the heart. I hate seeing the same placement of stuff all the time. $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Um....I don't think everyone in America suffers from all these adjectives truly in their hearts. There are people in every society that commit the seven deadly sins, not just in America. I'm a cynical bastard, but I don't take my cynicism out on the flag and ALL Americans like this nonsense submission is attempting to imbribe in all of us. Some people abuse American powers in ways that are undefendable, but many, i'd say most, love thy neighbor and are people of high value (not Christian-defined value, but human value).

I'm not trying to be mean when i tell you while this is quite well-designed for a heart entry, I think the messege is nearly as bad as the stuff they teach young radicals in many countries to oversaturate them with stereotypes of American evil.


For the record, Membrane Ink is as American as they come. This design is open for interpretation, and Membrane Ink would prefer it if people did not speculate as to what Membrane Ink's intended message was with this design.

Your interpretation of this symbolic imagery reflects your own inner nature and the series of filters which you use to process your own personal reality. Please keep in mind that Membrane Ink has a different series of filters than you and may not see things from your perspective, nor does Membrane Ink expect you to see things from theirs.

Thank you.


the flag is just a piece of cloth that we use as a symbol for the values of our country. One value that we hold in especially high esteem is the freedom of free expression... and that includes the right to abuse a flag. In fact, this Memorial Day I think I'll burn a flag in honor of all the brave men and women whose lives have been sacrificed so that we can live in a free society.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

MembraneInk is ridiculous and abuses the third person clause way too much.

And thanks for the psychology lesson too by the by. I think i'll specualte all i want on what i think this shirt brings out of me in terms of a reaction. If you look above, I wrote "I think" instead of "MembraneInk meant" about three or four times in my original comment.

So suck it.

Thank you.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

frickinawesome, based on membraneink's first comment, I don't think he's making a statement about americans but rather about america.


bored with most heart subs,but this is just rad.
nice old rev style print/illustration of the heart too.

an interesting note;
seven deadly sins def works because it is iconic, but read Galatians 5:19...

Awesome job.



this is really good.


I'm just glad someone has created something that has pushed people to express their opinion, no matter how relevant, ignorant, or powerful that opinion may be! You have created a great design with an impressive, raw motive. It leaves a lot to the interpretation of the viewer. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create next.


"If you don't like, don't live there"

How about, "Don't like it, fix it."


thank you.

this shirt is amazing and i'll be so pissed if it doesn't get printed. definite $5


Wouldn't lust be at the bottom of the heart? "I love you from the bottom of my heart." That kinda deal.


i love it. i would totally get this.


Good luck, this needs to get printed, 5$!!!!!


love and lust are two seperate concepts Nicky.


Although it has been shown that there is no penalty for having the blue bit of the flag on the wrong side, I'm curious as to why it would be. I'm assuming such there is some symbolism behind it, as it being just a mistake would be rather embarrassing, anyone have any personal speculation on what they think it might be?


Membrane Ink welcomes anyone who thinks that the flag is somehow "wrong" or incorrectly represented (particularly the relation of the blue star field to the red & white stripes) to carefully examine the image while gently tilting your head to the right until your right ear almost touches your shoulder.

This radical change in perspective should correct any misconceptions you may have about "how it is" compared to "how it should be"

Thank you once again.


And now I feel stupid. Thank you for the clarification :)

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

"if you don't like it, don't live there."

I like you chelly, but thats one stupid fucking attitude to take. IF people left every time they didn't like something there would still be slavery in America amongst other things.



I don't have a problem with chelly's attitude. Let's imagine
a roommate of yours drew a picture of your house and they
attached all the 7 sins by line to your house. They put the
illustration on a shirt and started wearing the shirt around
you. It would be absolutely normal to hear you say, " If you
don't like it, don't live there. " No one would think you had
a bad attitude especially since your roommate has nothing
positive to say about living at your house.

Concerning the design, it's a powerful statement, but
is it true ? It's partially true, but not the whole truth.
The whole truth is where it's at, MembraneInk.


That's great. However, if the house is yours, then it is not run democratically, and so your roomate doesn't have the ability to fix it, as he lives under your despotic rule.
America is a democracy, thus everyman has the ability to try and change things. And so, once again, as has happened so many times, the analogy fails.


I totally fucking love this design, it's one of the best I've seen yet. I'm dying for a political shirt winning this damn competition. $5 all the way!

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

meh. political messages aside, the design is really pedistrian. Old colorized clip and lousy font choice, does not a good t-shirt make.


politics aside, the idea is pretty cliche


umm, well considering the title in relation to the image, I think it's pretty ovbious; the sarcasm towards the country it "represents". All of the arguements aside, I think that the image was done really well, but the message wouldn't really appeal to me to wear around.

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