Timeless pieces

I have been noticing a pop culture trend with all the ninja/zombie/pirate/robot stuff everywhere. I would like to encourage designers to go for designs that will not be dated in a few months. I like buying things that will still be cool in a minute. Things that I can tuck away and I can pull out waay later.. Maybe even a conversation piece. To me, good designs last.

I don't know if there is a way to comment on blogs but if there is -comment away!


Watch this

nope. there's no way to comment.


and, the point of pop culture is to have a rotating band of icons of which the people can worship for awhile and then, turn on before too long. it's way of getting cool and staying cool.


really? have you also noticed that fruit/space/games/time/air/sky/bugs/animals/people/monsters/stars/moons/things with faces/swings/children/trees etc have been used alot lately too? seriously, theres no such thing as "over used" everything has been done/used/made- but its the design itself which makes it different and interesting. and if you dont think so- what do you consider a "timeless piece"???


im tired of ninjas, pirates, and pandas lol. im on same page as you space, i catch myself not designing anymore, not drawign with detail but trying to do cute, simple clever shit to win. lol

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