Grindcore? Nu-Rave?

  • by 13strong
  • posted May 14, 2007

I would like this better if it weren't in neon colours - it makes me think too much of the bloody awful nu-rave fad that's going on in the UK at the moment.

In bright, but not neon, colours, this would be cool though - reminds me of the kind of illos you get on grindcore gig posters and CDs, like Gay Against You.

Still - interesting!

P.S. Is this a Select T?

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the placement of the eyes remind me of that image on the net where someones photoshopped huge eyes onto someone chest.


This is a Select, yeah? There doesn't seem to be an original submission link.


Yup, even if you couldn't tell from the style you can see by the price. ;)

And yes... nu-rave... haha. An acquaintance of mine describes it as "a bunch of ex-emo kids realising life isn't so bad after all and dousing themselves with neon paint". I don't know enough to comment about it in general, but it certainly describes the "nu-ravers" at our school.


Ew. Nu-Ravers to me seem to be a bunch of private school yahs poncing around in neon cloths and bodypaint, NOT TAKING DRUGS (I mean, do they even know what rave is/was???), and thinking that electro music is something new, when it's not.


But like I said, without the neon, this would be plain ol' home-made grindcore, which is cool.


This blog is racist against neon colors!


Disco was disco on cocaine.

Rave is disco on ecstasy.

Nu-Rave is rave on heroine.

Get is str8!

j/k, idk what i'm talking about

say no to drugs. and boobs with eye nipples.


Rave is nothing like disco.

Nu-Rave is rave with too much money, no ideas of its own, too much hype and no drugs. The thing is, a lot of the music that they have hijacked as nu-rave is actually really good (Paris electro, indie-dance stuff, etc etc)

Oh well. If it wasn't nu-rave getting on my nerves, it would be something else.


i quite like the whole bright neon colours thing thats going on at the moment, whilst at the same time im trying to avoid looking like a 'nu-rave' kid because as with most trends itll just leve you looking like a bit of a nob head.

I think nme has alot to anwser for.

with regards to the design, the first thing i thought when i saw it was 'wow'


they both involve bright, ugly clothing; drugs; music; and dancing. so i wouldn't say they're nothing alike.

(i've never actually even heard of nu-rave... off to wiki!)


I meant the styles of music themselves are nothing alike. And the impetus behind the "movements" as a whole were different. Rave was about ecstacy and other cheap, upper drugs, and cheap, DIY parties, and it was anti-establishment, rising up at the end of the Thatcher / Reagan era. Disco weren't really about none of those things.

And if you haven't heard of nu-rave, you're lucky - avoid it! Save yourself!


i recognized: klaxons (?). i'm old.

but discussion of clothing/color is more about the scene than the moosic.

also, romantic walrus!


Nu-rave kids annoy me a lot. As do most of the pretentious pseudo-indie subcultures. But I agree, some of their music is good.

I first found out what the hell "nu-rave" was when I came back from the Epoxies gig wearing a green and pink shirt and talked about the outfits my friends and I made out of duct tape and fibre-optics and glowsticks... and everyone was like "oh, so I see you want to a be nu-raver now, eh?" and I was like "what the fuck? The Epoxies, guys? Sci-fi electro punk from America I've been in love with for years? I see no rave here..."


can we call it new rave instead of nu-rave? becasue nu-rave is just stupid. It was a term invented by the klaxons to get the music press to talk about something that didn't actually exist, why they then predictably did. sgt.dobad is right, nme has a lot to answer for.

13strong is right too, a lot of the music is really good, and really a lot of fun. anyone been to a datarock gig? The kids who dress up in everyday wear as 'new rave' not having any idea of what they're on about are a bunch of pretentious wankers, true, but going out in a glow in the dark shirt and dancing like a loon to 'atlantis to interzone' is just about the most fun you can have in there very nearly post-Blair days.


I KNOW. It's such a misnomer. It has nothing in common with rave whatsoever.

I don't know why it winds me up so much. I like the music, mostly (Digitalism and Ed Banger records is great stuff), but I think it's the people. Which is a terrible generalisation to make, but the whole thing is just so shallow. And not in a good way.

Mostly, though, I think it's because NME invented it, and I would like to see the NME offices razed to the ground with the editors trapped inside.


errrrm, no offence vindemiatrx, but having a go at pretentious pseudo-indie subcultures and then calling the epoxies 'sci-fi electro punk' it a bit......i dunno..


Why does it matter whether it's nu-rave or new rave?

I don't mind the Klaxons adopting the term - they actually had the term suggested to them by the NME in an interview, as far as I know, and they jokingly adopted it. They were taking the piss from the start.

I also don't really have a problem with the style of clothes either - it's actually pretty cool when you see a genuine looking electr0-loving neon kid (not some rich brat poseur) walking down the street with facepaint on.

Like I said, I don't know why it bugs me so much.

Would prefer if the style was called something else that didn't imply a connection with rave - there is no real connection.


13strong, i'm with you. got some rope an a few petrol bombs? I read it though, i have to say. I'm of the opinion that contentious journalism is always worth a look, it's the stuff that instills no eoyion that is REALLY best avoided. yawn, Q, mojo, so unbearably SAFE....


We're on dangerous ground here people - throwing around made-up composite genres like hand grenades and making snap judgments about "subcultures" when we ourselves are among their number.

Glass houses and all that...

Oh wait... I started it. Sorry!




dpj.deli - check out Plan B magazine - a genuinely independent UK mag. You can get it in Borders, WH Smith (I think) and loads of newsagents, plus HMV and Virgin.

It really is the best music magazine I've read in a while, and it covers a massively eclectic range of music in a non-posing, non-faddish, non-judgmental way. It's good stuff. I think Battles are on the cover this month.


because nu-rave reminds me of nu-metal, which was just...i can't bear to describe it.......


13strong, yeah plan B is brilliant, i'm also a fan of good old artrocker.


Haha, but they're not a subculture or whatever. They are a punky band with electro-style music who sing about robots and atom-bombs and stuff. They're not a genre, and they're sure as hell not pretentious.


i don't know about your jibbajabbanuerave crap, but this shirt is blackligh d'licksious


It ain't MY jibbajabbanuerave crap!

Watch where you point that thing!


Rave was about ecstacy and other cheap, upper drugs, and cheap, DIY parties, and it was anti-establishment, rising up at the end of the Thatcher / Reagan era. yes
rising up at the end of the Thatcher / Reagan erano

disco and rave are the same thing. drug induced trances to prolong otherwise shitty, repetitive music.


and this shirt was resurrected from 1982




Well, if it was resurrected from 1982, it's definitely not rave. Too early.

You're welcome to your musical opinions, and I'm not a massive fan of rave myself (though Josh Winks' Higher State of Consciousness is fantastic). Disco is the work of the devil though.

Anyway, ain't nothing wrong with recreational drug use.


disco and rave are the same thing



i've been to raves

i can't say i've been to disco's

sometimes i feel old enough to have though

good argument dpj!



althought it is nice that things that are bright and full of detail are associated w/ shakin your grove thing to whatever style of music during whichever era, the truth of the matter is that this shirt holds its own. if you buy it you might want to dance around a bit it is a contagious feeling.


cheers flirt.


there were alot of words spewed up there i should probably read but i will say this, all music comes from a common beginning. new rave nu rave disco hard core punk; all dogs hail from the wolf.


So neither of you are going to reply to me? Because I really wasn't trying to talk about a "sci-fi electro punk" scene or whatever, it was just a description of the band's music I came up with on the spur of the moment... since they sound like electro, call themselves punk, and sing about sci-fi.


i aggree with dpj.deli about atlantis to interzone being a great song to dance to a loon to in a glow in the dark top.

Mikko Terva
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I like this shirt. and even though rachel is very, very pretty, I think sonmi (or zonmi) should've been the model for this - I mean, this is exactly her kind of stuff!


If you like dancing, and like Atlantis to Interzone, check out the remix by So Me.

It's on the new Ed Bangers Vol. 2 compilation, and it makes my head bleed and my feet move. Also, check out the Digitalism remix, and the Crystal Castles remix. All stellar.

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