Mmmm...Popcorn Chicken

  • by LokiDucks
  • posted May 13, 2007

Isn't popcorn chicken delicious? I think so...

Let me know what you guys think could be done to improve this!


Watch this

Isn't popcorn chicken delicious? I think so...

Let me know what you guys think could be done to improve this!


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the chickens are very blurry compared to the box... is that unpurpose?


I think you could use a shorter, wider box with fewer, clearer chickens and feathers. I think it definitely needs feathers. I really like the idea, though, and excellent work on the style of the box.


ohhh, they're chickens! I thought they were strange fortune cookies. I think that's because I Didn't read the title of the submission. Maybe a bit more definition ? or maybe even popcorn chicken on the box ?


I see what you're saying about the blurriness. I'll definitely have to fix that--i didn't notice before.

I'll try to add in some feathers--i thought feathers might be "too much," but i'll give it a shot

If i make fewer chickens, should i make them bigger?


Yeah, make them a little bigger so they're easier to distinguish as a chicken, and not a white and orange blob thing


Here i made the chickens a little bigger and fewer, and i added some feather features to the chickens, as well as feathers on the outside of the box instead of fallen chickens.

WHat do you guys think now?

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I actually liked it better with the smaller chickens.

Part of me wants to see the "Pop Corn" gone from the side of the container. I think the joke works without.


I liked it better w/ the smaller chickens too, but i felt it best to acknowledge the earlier critiques with an altered version.

I know having text isn't exactly popular 'round here, but i thought that "pop corn" text is such a part of this classic box look. I don't know what could go in it's place


don't use animals, fu**ers!!!


Heh, i hadn't thought about it that way, Weibkreid. That is a bit disturbing...

I'll try to clear up the smaller chicks. I figured out what happened: The chickens in the first one were not vectors for some reason (they got the rasterized when i merged layers or something). So i shrunk the design down for the 3 shirt options on the right. When i made it large again for the main shirt on the left, they blurred...OOOPS

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I love popcorn chicken from KFC, this design is awesome, I agree I like the feathers dropping down from the top, and think smaller chickens would suffice.


Hey. The second design is already pretty good. I'd try it on a bit brighter t-shirt (say, yellow?) to contrast with the red and white stripes and the overall "pop" feeling of the design. And I'd make the box a bit wider, now it is quite a slim image. But looks promising!


It's pretty awesome second time around!


I like this second design much better. If you decide to go back to smaller chickens, which I think would be fine, make sure that they are easily deciperable as chickens. I think you know that, and I think that that was what was kicking your v1 design.

I really like the feathers, too. Many thanks.


Well, the internet acted goofy--sorry for the double post.

Anyway, in the new version, i made the chickens smaller like in the first version, but kept the feathery details of the second. I made sure fewer chickens were upside down, so they'd appear to be more like chickens and less like blobs.

The black outlines on the box seem to have disappeared. This is because i rasterized the design before copying it over to the tee-template (if i bring it over as a vector, shrinking the design makes the outlines appear to inflate and get huge...and it's a pain to change the width on every.single.chicken.)

I haven't altered the box dimensions, though, despite some people's suggestions. When i try to do so, it just looks to warped and weird looking, this type of popcorn box is known to be tall and skinny.

Let me know what you guys think of the changes and where i have still gone wrong! :)


Please don't leave me hanging, folks.

What do you think of the changes?


This is fly! You should submit this one bro!

Maybe you could change the "pop corn" to "pop chick"


I really like it so far but one more change that you could make is - on v1 the chickens were kinda bundled up in a pile, v3 its like flat, maybe making them a bit more layered :]


Very nice! It's ALMOST ready to submit in my opinion, I think the size of the chickens in the last one are perfect. However, it felt different to me and I noticed why- the chickens are more bunched up more flat.. Get that more pile-looking dome of chickens like in the first two versions going on this one, and you're ready to submit!


ok well i dunno this had a lot of potential, honestly when i read the title i pictured popocorn (body) with a chickens head coming of of it and that made me excited but i dunno, i duesss it is ok :)


I think that your design is better than the one Veranda linked you to, but I will say that it has a lot of similarities. I think that this has come a long way from v1, even if it looks fundamentally the same.

This is the best one by far. Definitely submit it, and cross your fingers and wait.


Please critique my design:

I appreciate any and all feedback


oh man, and i thought i was being creative :(

i wasn't a threadlesser back when the other design was submitted.

I guess i'll take my chances with this one!?

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