OMG havent been on threadless in like a year!! ARRRHH

whats happened guys!!??

Watch this

Um we got a better website?


I haven't been on in a wee while either. I just came on to buy The Communist Party for my Government and Politics exam i a few weeks ;D


haha i wore my satans little helper shirt to my dante/virgil exam...i'm such a loser.


i dont know you......

STRANGER DANGER! i need an adult!


Ha, Rambunkcious, he's my little brother.
(And NinjaSteve is my boyfriend).

Talk about keeping it in the family!
You are welcome to join our honorary threadless blog family!

Carry on!


hmm well alright then i guess its ok hahaha

oh and yes id like to be some distant cousin from your family twice removed or some crazy shinnagan like that

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