Spotted, Where I keep all my stuff....

  • by bigcog
  • posted May 11, 2007

Asda (Wal-mart in the UK) have copied this slogan on a T and of course done a crappy job of it.

Watch this

I love the idea of WALMART doing an ecologically-minded design.

Fucking bastards just never stop, do they?


mind you on the plus side they do organic cotton t's and must confess I got one for my Tot that says something along the lines of "im recycling - all my energy for later" as these little tot t's go i thought that was a better one....


yeh, Tonteau, George


Get her to commit hara kiri.

Just kidding! But, bleh yuck bleh gack.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Cheers bigcog. I'll send her the link and see if she knows anything about it.

In fairness to george, they're not too bad on the human ethics side of things, from what I've heard. They check all their factories for conditions, space and safety. My sis does some of that. The worst on the highstreet is apparently primark.


yeh i think they are better than a lot of them, except where it comes to original ideas it seems ;-)


well, the phrase is stolen from that film with will ferrell anyway

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