The Birth of the Metrosexual

ok, looking at art history stuff, saw the Birth of Venus and got this idea. Not quite a homosexual man, not quite a heterosexual man, the metrosexual...please enjoy

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Smitty McGillicutty

ok, looking at art history stuff, saw the Birth of Venus and got this idea. Not quite a homosexual man, not quite a heterosexual man, the metrosexual...please enjoy


uh yeah.
you can't tell?
he's really really good looking.

Smitty McGillicutty

yeah, kind of a zoolander ben stiller, and a michael flatley, and a red neck

I tried to go with a generalization


I thought the birth of the metrosexual was when they came out with the Ken doll..

All those FAB-U-LOUS clothes he had... and no wee-wee!!!!



i think i would like it to be even more like the birth of venus?

Smitty McGillicutty

I was really torn over it looking more like the birth of venus, if it doesn't do well and you guys like it enough, I will resub. The background is San Fran by the way


funny! i'd choose a different font for the text tho.


A bit more venus based, a little less zoolander.

Great concept.


I'm not a fan.
But hey... oh well.
Is zoolander standing on a seashell?


I agree, the text is a little too horror.


It would be great if you had some sort of example without the horror text. Perhaps you could put it on the bottom left corner of your sub.


cool idea, but don't go with the zoolander face...change it to somone unknown.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like how the background seemed to be drawing itself into the design as my eyes were adjusting to the bright thin color and picking up more and more of it! The idea is a bit tired and old tho. Talking about metrosexuals peaked about two years back. I like the layout tho, and i thik you will eventually hit paydirt on this site. Keep going....


AHAHA! Hoooly shit, the guy who appears to be the gayest thing on Earth, flying with his pixie dust.....made me laugh my friggin' ass off!

I would give this a 7 out of 5...


aha. uh mmmmmhhm. no.




is he standing in seashell whilst having sticky gum stuck to his shoe?


lol, I love the face that the concept is from The Birth of Venus. Great job.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

your straight guy has an appropriate scowl and excellent shorts - great work


love the background, and the idea.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

awesome.... straight guy should have body hair

herky profile pic Alumni

Great colors and concept. It would have been funnier if you had Richard Simmons hovering on the left.


somewhat busy. but it fits my life. good one


somewhat busy. but it fits my life. good one

Andy Warhol

boticelli would lynch you haha


Is that Ben Stiller?


i was looking at that and going "is that michael flatley? noooooooooooo... is it? noooooooooooo... couldn't be" BUT IT IS!! wow... ha! it's great!


Going to have to agree with others who say it could be a bit more venus. I also think its a little wonky with those lines but I find it an amusing concept.
Work on it?
And please, as much as I get the use of pink, have a non pink version too?


Well slap my ass and call me Richard Simmons!



Haha. I like the reference to the Birth of Venus. But I hate pink.

Hornet Honey

Just the pixie dust fellow...a shirt with only him on it would be pure gold.


hilarious. but no stiller. better with indistinct face. then i'd buy it.


i think maybe you should make the redneck look slightly more... masculine, seeing as he is meant to be representing that extreme. Right now, he is standing like a poof, and the backwards hat is just a little bit teen/gay if you know what i mean. but then again, maybe the US rednecks look different to the ozzie ones?? Love his boots tho. man i so wish i could have your hansel and gretel shirt... can't get over that one ;) Love the homo bloke... looks priceless.

Smitty McGillicutty

I will definitely fix this one and resub, make sure to check the crit boards. Also, I may have to design a shirt for just the fairy, I think he is worth it too

i carnt spel

what is this a centre for ants


wow. this is great. i don't know what homosexuals would think of it though. but the thing that makes it amazing is that it's so not politically correct.


I like the Zoolander face xD It made me love this shirt even more


kayce! i absolutely thought "ben stiller?"

moisture is the essence of beauty!


want it, want it bad


I didn't know michael flatley was gay... is he?

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