RSS feed of new tees

I notice that Threadless has a general news RSS feed, but no feed for new tee designs now in print. As a big Threadless fan and an RSS user, I had to have a go at remedying that... here's the result:

It's an RSS 1.0 feed of the most recent 20 tees, and each new tee gets its own item, with image, link to product page, and link to the designer's page (same as on ).

(BTW, I have taken the liberty of adding my Threadless Street Team ID to the product link... let me know if this is too much, I'll be happy to get rid of that if the Threadless guys don't like it. It does help make up for the bandwidth though ;), it's clearly noted in the item text, and there's also an alternative link in there that doesn't use the ID.)

It only updates from the Threadless site twice per day, so the feed-scraping shouldn't be much of a bandwidth suck.



Watch this

Nice work, it's now in my news reader. :)

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