When did it all change ????

Is it just me or has threadless went for a new approach....


Personally i think they are putting any old designs up to sell now. The standard has definatley dropped

It looks to me that they want to put up a least 4 new tees every week.

what do u think ?

Watch this

I don't think, I just buy.


the threadless community has grown/is growing at such a fast rate that there's a greater demand for shirts, also for shirts of different styles
thats my guess anyhow

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They do seem to pump the new shirts out pretty fast. I have also notice how quickly the good designs sell out as well and you can really see the designs that don't sell as well in the "What's in Stock" section.

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I've been noticing a lot of 2005ers around lately. How many of the pre-05 designers are still around?

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I'm new, but I'm glad I'm new. When I look at some of the old classic designs like
...I think to myself, "How could Ipossibly compete with the PURE GENIUS?!!!!!!!!"

I don't understand why we should even submit new designs when we could just reprint these until everyone has one! :D

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omfg ... im a 2002 .. wow, if it really that long ago


When I show people this site, I tell them to keep it on the downlow.

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If I were running a business I'd be interested in my livelihood, wouldn't you?

I think it's great that this site is thriving and attracting new people, as well as, selling out on great shirts like the hiking one and darth one by glennz in a day.

I don't think quality is at issue here, not at all, and there's definitely nothing wrong with quantity. I hope the reprint some of the old designs becuase I missed some of them, as long as they don't print them on heather gray I'm happy... well they blew it on the reprint for the traffic block walrus one, orange was a bad choice.

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2001 club baby

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User no. 554 reporting for duty.

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