Elephant man

  • by Sic Ink
  • posted May 07, 2007

Watch this

What's with the string bikini?

Peters not economically viable

Nice speedo. I've never seen one worn with an executioner's mask. The pink under the head doesn't work, it looks like 2 mini tusks. Interesting idea I guess, but I don't think I'd wear it even if I did know what was going on. On the plus side, I like the tusks and trunk.


Pretty Rockin'

$5 From me!

Good luck!


This one got a laugh out of me but I like the movie way too much to wear anything that puns on it.


This is really nifty. I have conflicting feelings regarding the bikini. It kind of adds an air or dirty WTFitude. But then again, I like that.

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