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What happened to the 100 vote score system?

One of my designs suffered during that time, and now the voting is back to normal I feel hard done by.

What happened?

Watch this

i didn't think they'd scrapped the idea...


Yeah, a few days ago that happened to mine, I think it's still happening.


yep, its still happening.

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what is still happening?

Anytime after 100 votes your design will be dropped if it's under 1.5


mine is at 1.5 and I have 139 votes and yeah they took it off


Shimala, I meant that I thought the new scoring system was still happening:

Due to the extremely large number of submissions we've been receiving lately, we have implemented a new feature in the scoring system. Normally, each design gets 7 days to be scored. While this is still the case, if a design has received scores from 100 different people and those score's average is less than 1.5 - the design will be dropped from the running and will not be in for a full 7 days.

Is this not true?

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Harmsway: your design had a 1.496 but rounds up on the site to 1.5 for display

number4: gotcha... and yes it's still in effect

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