Barbie Queue

  • by antosh
  • posted May 05, 2007

It's a Barbie Queue for BBQ. And like with any queue there probably won't be enough left for whoever is last.

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wotto profile pic Alumni

that my friend is genius - $5 without a doubt.

Best thing I've seen in a while.


HA! Nice job.


Ouch! What a pun! But too subtle.


id buy it for a dude...great idea


woops. i meant yay this is love.


theyre naked, oh my slutty eyes! lol nice. 5$!


ok now this is funny 5


lol, that's great :D

antosh profile pic Alumni

Thanks Blandford, so I am hoping that instead of a zero I at least got a 1 from you this time? :)


uh. Genius? I think so.


Antosh.. this design is wonderful and I agree that their nakedness makes them more barbie like and less human like.. I feel sorry for the barbie at the end :(


great idea!


greatest pun evar 5$


barbieque! Ahaha. I love how you can see all kinds of commentary on the unhealthy ideals on beauty, if you want to, but it's also just a great pun, and a great illustration. Fantastic!

And they are CLEARLY plastic toys not real women, so so much about "nudity".


To answer BigCog Ken is practically non existent in almost all Barbie marketing sections in present times.
As are all forms of male Barbie dolls. Even the MyScene men that came in a few years back have gone again.
Love the execution of this.

thINK profile pic Alumni

Very very well done! Nice colors, nice style, nice work! 5$


looks great! $5 in spite of the bad pun....

dacat profile pic Alumni



Haha, it took me a second to even realize until I read the first comment. That's funny. Like the artwork 5$


i like this a lot cuz my barbies never had clothes. i always lost them $5

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Party (w00t-w00t)!


I agree about the accessories.. adding some fakey barbie shoes and little earrings would be cool :)


I'm smelling a print


anyone who said they aren't nude because they are objects is pretty stupid. That is a naked female form, whether or not it is a doll. I don't have a problem with nudity, but I do have a problem when the only nudity present in a forum like threadless is objectified female nudity.
this shirt?-- their nudity is gratuitous. The way you drew their forms is enough to show that they are barbie dolls. Them being naked doesn't add to that. So they are naked for no reason, and I dont think that helps the design. "I thought about putting ken in with an apron on"? why no full frontal for Ken? lol. give me a break guys, I am halfway kidding, but for real, don't rationalize this stuff as a backlash to so called "hyper sensitivity".


Haha. My mom wants one. $5


I hope lovelyplayfello is either kidding or drunk on a Sunday morning.


not kidding yo.-- do you have a response?


If anyone is objectifying women in this case it's Mattell. If there was clothing on these dolls they would still be objectified representations of women. That's what Barbie is! Literally!

Hiding the "Barbie-ness" (gigantic boobs, joint seams) would make them read less as dolls and diminish the pun.


I don't have a problem with nudity

No, apparently you do. You've also somehow missed out on the numerous penis subs.


I will admit I have probably missed some penis subs. My apologies.
I think you kind of argued off into a tangent-- If you want to discuss the cultural semiotics of Barbie in regard to the objectification of women and formations of negative body standards, we can do that later. (ooh snap big words, showing off, lets laugh about it)
My point is, -- someone says they don't like the nudity so much, immediately someone calls them a prude, etc. I also couldnt let the "she is a doll, so she isn't really naked" comment go by.
I still stand by my comment that they don't need to be naked to be read as Barbies. Which for me detracts from the design. Because it is gratuitous.
can you point me to some penis subs? I am intrigued.


swimsuits would work if you need the joint seems and figure, but what says barbie to me, and I owned a few, is ball gowns. Ballarinas, etc. I think anyone who actually had Barbies would get a kick out of seeing those old standards-- "My First Barbie", etc. just a thought.


Funny you should bring up semiotics. To paraphrase your own insult, anyone who confuses the signifier and the signified is pretty stupid.

As for seeing the penis subs, just score more subs. Non-North Americans tend to sub more nudity because their cultures haven't loaded language about the human body with as much negativity as we have.


point was, discounting the meaning and inference of a naked human form because it is an immanently objectified signifier (doll, inanimate object, etc)
IS stupid. or IS A STUPID ARGUMENT to make.
can we kiss and make up now? I feel bad for bogging down this sub....

antosh profile pic Alumni

haha. there's nothing like a bit of controversy!!! still two days to go and already this sub has more comments then any of my other ones.


I am going to go start some sh*t on your other subs...... it's on.

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