Bros Before Hoes

Gotta rep for my boy.

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pretty offensive


That's fucking horrible.

Somehow more horrible because on a woman with big breasts the faces would be leaping out at you.


I wouldn't wear it but I laughed pretty hard at that.


13strong just made my day.


really poor taste.


It does not matter they are both going to lose.

Cold Collards

Come on. The lame fratboy slogan at the bottom was final nail in the coffin for this lame design.


you're a weak, weak person.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I don't see why people think this is in bad taste. No one in this picture is dead.


I'm an Obama supporter, and I really don't like Hillary, but I still find this really offensive. I wonder if someone put a shirt with a racial epithet on it directed against Obama would it have even gotten through to this point. Why is is more acceptable to use sexist slurs? As a woman I support Obama because he would never find this sort of thing acceptable.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Oh's a racial thing.

Okay, it's in bad taste then, I guess. But it's in his favour, so I still don't see it.


This design is ugly and the humor is pretty low-brow, but I'm in favor of this shirt only because it seems to offend people. Quit being so easily offended. It's just a dumb t-shirt.

The Touch Feel

Sunshine69, you're right. people get pissy way too easily. calm down about everything, geeeez.


Props for giving it a shot, I'm not scoring it though.

Good luck...


i think i'd like it better if she didn't look like a retarded zombie rabbit. gross.


oh wow and after looking at that tshirt hell one i can't imagine why anyone would pick this over that one...


I like hillary's face on here...I wouldn't wear it though, because I don't think Hillary makes much of a Bro, and I don't think Obama makes so much of a Ho.


Wow, you didn't even attempt to make it your own did you? Is there a score lower than 0?


i think it's funny. even if it's a stolen design.


yeeeeeeeeeah BOY!!!!

49 watt

word cracker


I'm still confused as to how this is racist. It's not even Repub. vs. Dem. It's Dem. vs. Dem. And for the record, Hilary is a ho. Not in the sexual way, but that she would sell her dignity by staying married to a philanderer just to keep her power. I'm Rep and i would vote for Barack over Hil. Oh, and i'm scoring 0 since it's ripped off.


The point is that there's so much to criticise about Hillary without needing to call her a ho, using her gender as a weapon against her. I don't think people will get the subtlety of joshhupp's explanation about why she's a 'ho'. People will just think 'woman - ho'. Not nice.

Frank Vice

foxmo on May 10 '07
Don't refer to a US senator as a ho. It shows a lack of class.

when the corruption in the US senate ceases to exist then i'll be happy to respect them. until then, fuck the us senate.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

BEFORE EVERYONE CONTINUES TALKING ABOUT THIS DESIGN, REALIZE IT IS COMPLETELY STOLEN FROM THAT T-SHIRT WASTELAND AND RETARDATION FACTORY TSHIRTHELL.COM!!!! I always go to that site every week just to see if they will hit a new low for t-shirt humanity, so i remember seeing this one a week or so ago on there. It's sadder you picked this one to copy....although there ain't much decent over there to choose from. Maybe the one where Beaker and Professor Honeycut are dissecting Kermit.


thought this was funny till I saw it was ripped off, 0


Yeah I thought it was from, and I went to look but my work's firewall stopped me.

This is a total con. Everyone should vote zero and mygreyfriends should have his membership cancelled.


Concept made me laugh. Design is kind of shoddy, though and I don't care for the lack of color.'s design is obviously better (probably first) and some how, more tasteful. That's kind of odd... More of a subject, anyway.


Oh and not really sure what the point is of making Hilary cross-eyed with missing teeth. Kind of creepy looking, and it's not like she's a gorgeous person in the first place so kind of pointless, too.


I'm giving this a zero only because it's a stolen design BUT I love the shirt haha.

Obama all the way! -nar


Design stealing should give warnings... :)

And yes a ZERO from me...


i kept laughing at the little fish...haha

To sum it up MANY are goin to think this shirt is offensive in some way or another, or they are republican so wont like it either way. But, the real problem is HOW SIMILAR it is to the one on tshirt hell, its honostly the same shirt with worse font, Hilary's toothe blackened/cross eyed out and the two with less detailed faces... Sorry but plagerism doesnt play well with me...


would be better if hilary didn't look retarded

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