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This is the official FIRST POST! We will try to keep posting here, but with the site DoodleJunkie.com and all the work that needs to be put into it, it is hard to keep up with blogs here. Especially with the site just starting up the DoodleJunkie Staff has had to submit all the content because there are no users yet. Feel free to come to the site, and check it out, PLUS create a user account FOR FREE, and start uploading your own images/designes/writings to get the recognition you deserve:

Watch this

Thanks! I'm glad you like my stuff, I will definetely check out this site.


uh...on second thought, I'm not able to get on the site due to some "flood protection". You might need to look into that, otherwise I can't look at it! Oh noes!


I have had some "flood protection" errors brought to my attention in the past but everyone so far said that it worked after trying a couple more times. PLEASE dont give up.


BTW with any problems/questions or ANYTHING else you can contact ME at:
(admin@doodlejunkie.com works too but my co-creator looks at that too and he is more tech not content so contacting me, Aaron, would be best)


Guh. This really isn't the place for joining purely to whore out your site. Just so you know.


Also, the front page should say 'full effect', not full affect.

Your logo and layout also leave much to be desired.

Just so you know.


As I said the site was started not too long ago and I did not join this site just to "whore out" mine. I have another account on threadless where i actually submit things so this account is for when I submit things that I have done that is also on Doodlejunkie.com. Plus, this is MY blog, so if you wish not to read it be my guest but please dont critisize what I want to talk about.
Thank you, and please change your picture... It scares me.


In defense of DoodleJunkie:

And just incase you didn't know "ecky_ducky", that red text on the side of the comment box states "Remember, be nice."
I don't think it'll be the end of the world if something's mispelled and I don't think we need a "know-it-all" pyscho to inform anyone.

And just so you know, there's no harm in trying to get your name/site you there.

AND JUST SO YOU KNOW, they have been active. They have scored some submissions, and they just joined so it might take them a while to get the hang of things. You've been here since 2005 and you only have 1 design up and a hand full of pictures...

P.S.- (I don't want to hear beck from you because I spelled something wrong or my grammar is wrong,, in which you should really which yourself on..."Your logo and layout also leave much to be desired." makes little or possible no sense to me...)


i don't think she was being a know it all pyscho. i think she was helping since having a misspelled word on your site is very.. rookie.


I agree the mispelling of the word is a bit rookie, and for the millionth time I have said we have not been on long. And I even thank her for that one pointed out error because now we can fix it. What I do NOT thank her for is the way she came at my site like she had a personal vendeta against me.
If she does not want to visit or become a member she does not have to but I am glad that PixieHobi is. (thanks for the defense)

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Thanks for the comment doodle junkie!!!!



I was not in any way being a '"know-it-all" psycho' - I was pointing out, firstly a basic spelling error which detracted from the professional nature of the site, and secondly, that Threadless is not the appropriate arena for soliciting involvement for another site.

I appreciate that they have been active - I never attempted to suggest that they had not been. I find it curious that you attack my lack of designs and abundance of images. As outrageous as it may appear to you, being a member of the Threadless community does not require one to submit thousands of designs. I am a consumer of the Threadless shirts and community, and I do apologise for my product pictures, which display that fact.

I have no personal vendettas against anyone, and really, I was providing information that would enhance the legitimacy of the DoodleJunkie site. Personally, when faced with a proliferation of spelling and grammar errors, as well as a poorly rendered logo, my initial impression is less than favourable.

And attempting to disparage me because you can't understand normal sentence structure hardly adds to your case.

Everyone calm down and stop bandying about claims of psychopathic disorder. I doubt I'd satisfy any of the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria.


lets take it down a notch... lol
and i would not say i am "whoring" out my site, as you so delicately put it, because this is a blog ABOUT ME, implying that it will be about me, the user, which in this case is a group, who has a site, so natrally it will reference the site.

im sry if me mentioning my site in a blog ABOUT the site, is wrong, but if it is dont read it, last time i checked you clicked on it and it was called About me so you will here about just that, ME and my site... lol

now that thats cooled down... i have more whoring to do: VISIT doodlejunkie.com lol


you mess with threadless members you mess with me

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HEY, lol, I AM A MEMBER THERE!!!! so proud

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