Sub-Lim-In-All Message

An idea i had to visually represent the words subliminal message,which is infact the subliminal message.

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Mike McLean

An idea i had to visually represent the words subliminal message,which is infact the subliminal message.

Alexandra Marie

The letter being a line down bothers me.
It screams "oops, I ran out of room, so let's just put it... here!"

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

among other things I think its ok to shrink it to all fit on one line, because being small makes it more subliminal

Captain Global

I agree, the letter needs to be on the same line.


Ummmm make the lime more green. Looks like a lemon now. And sublmoninall makes no sense.


great concept; I agree with the above critiques, however.


"All" needs better representation, I got the "in", and the lime is fine. It agree that it should be on the same line.


well... "message" is a seperate word, so i can see why you put it on the 2nd line. maybe it'd look cool if the envelope was on the sleeve, or a line above the rest.


And sublmoninall makes no sense.

Maybe it would be Sub-lemonalle..?


Lots of fun on this one.....subliminal by definition is subtle....


i actually also that it was a lemon, so piradical was not the only one... agree with fitting it all on one line...


"Sub-lemon-all" would still be funny, and perhaps simpler?

Lime would have to be greener to be more obvious.


I can't see anyone getting this without its being explained.


By the time I get done looking at this the only message I get is no shirt for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's not subliminal if you are making it a puzzle. It's right there. Still cute, I agree about alignment needing to be fixed.


i think the message part could just be taken out so it's just "subliminal."

i agree that "all" needs a different image


cool but it should be all on one line


This is anything BUT a red shirt if you're gonna go with those colors in the design.


Agreed with Dogma. And also make the lime greener and try to move the letter to the first line. Or center it and make it a bit bigger so that people get that it's two words or whatever. Otherwise like it 4$


For some reason, at first glance, I thought the "all" reference was a crown or tiara or something


other designs were hot but this one not so hot


i agree with balthazar, if it were sub-lemon-all, then you could have one square for each word. then the envelope would fit on the first line without changing the sizing.


what about a picture of an awl for all?


The citrus fruit, I took it to be a lemon. The idea that it might be a lime did not come up until I read the comments. I do think that icy40oz's comment is best, tho.


i dont think the minus 'e' is necessary, i could be wrong.
on one line and youve got a 5, maybe even a 5$, until then its a 4.


I agree with the more green on the line and what about the message on the back shoulder?


If the message part was centered it would be better. The shoulder idea is a good one, too.


colour of the shirt has to be something like a shade of blue - its not working with red. Agree that you could drop the envelope so the message is all on one line... cute idea.


i really like the lime, i guess a t-shirt with just it on it would end up on my shopping list much easier...


yeah...all on one line!!!




NOT all on one line. Don't make it a skater shirt.

Mike McLean

Good suggestions, but It's fine the way it is. Except for the "All" represtentation where there characters in the middle ned no be nuged up about 3 points.

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