"Son, I will protect you forever. No matter what happen..."

"My son, I will protect you forever. No matter what happen..."

I try make this design look good on the shirt, hope you like it! Someone say, "No demand, no killing". I would just say, "STOP KILLING!!"

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Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

"My son, I will protect you forever. No matter what happen..."

I try make this design look good on the shirt, hope you like it! Someone say, "No demand, no killing". I would just say, "STOP KILLING!!"


Oh my gowd Im going to cry! D':


are the photos really necessary? i'm pretty sure the design gets the idea accross without the bloody mess...

harpo25 profile pic Alumni



he knows the photos aren't necessary because we told him in a blog. but that's ok i think they add something.


Super Sad. I would rather bash in those guys heads that do this type of slaughter for a living.


you know... for the most part, the seal hunt helps out the ecosystem... and now for the flames.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

I shouldn't be laughing, should I? I think that's how I deal with tragedy.

Nice illustration, I would quite possibly wear this.

Alexandra Marie

You know... for the most part, the seal hunt helps out the ecosystem

So because fishermen fish, taking fish from the marine ecosystem in amounts dwarfing that of seal consumption, we should bash their skulls open with an iron rod, too?



the tshirt is a bit corny, I wouldn't wear it.
but I believe in stopping that, nonetheless

oh, and superbang..
crushing a baby seals head in with a crowbar is so humane. and because yes, thats the real reason why seal hunters kill them.

"yeeeeah, thats right! what he said! No harm done!"

you have to already be heartless to do that. I don't give a shit if someone says "its for their own good." they're in it for the money and thats all.


Most unintentionally funny submission in a while.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Needs more cowbell.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

see my slogan... I still think it's a funny slogan, even though I could never actually club something as cute as a baby seal.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

Sorry guys, I try sent a email to Threadless to remove the photo. But seem it's late...

Anyhow, hope you guy get the message. Thanks.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I could never actually club something as cute as a baby seal.

Same here. I just fuck 'em.


what a fvck! you think? this is not funny!


Wow. :( The seal's cuteness makes me sad. The blood doesn't help either.


this is not funny!

yes, it is. it's official.

You see, I took this to the lab. They took samples, ran some tests... it came back positive for Funny.

... like i said, official.


if one of your serious designs ever gets made you should use the money to donate to a relevant charity, or convince threadless to do so.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

if one of your SERIOUS DESIGNS ever gets made... [emphasis mine]

Oh! Burn!!


uh.. i didn't mean it to be a burnage.


i meant serious as in not lighthearted

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Sorry, I'm laughing my ass off right now... That still sounds funny! Like this design is intended to be lighthearted! :)

I know you know, but it's just funny the way it gets deeper and deeper... You know? XD


Wow....so those in support of the innocent seals getting stabbed in the head deserve the same exact fucking punishment. Or getting shot in the kneecaps. Whichever is more painful.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

saddest. shirt. ever.


no i don't know!

but that's alright.


way to use ethos in your appeal, dude. a little unnecessary, though. (it somehow feels manipulative.) i'm all for animal rights, but this is a little disturbing, and i certainly wouldn't want to wear it on my shirt!


Couldn't they find a less horrible way to kill seals? Why ? At least get them out of sight before you do so because I'm tired of the pictures. I don't like hating my own species.

That said, I really like the seals in the background, but that guy looks like he's about to fall on his face.




I like it. It makes me think of that movie Andre about the seal. Did anyone ever watch that?


i like how the big baby seal being hurt is like a metaphor for the earth because that's what his body turns into. and it shows that by hurting the seal we're hurting the earth.
am i looking too far into this?


i never saw it, hfa_chica09, but i know many did, yes.


Id just have to say that I like all the idiots who want to kill the people cause they are killing seals...yes its sad but so is killing humans....sigh...hate triumphs yet again


yeah i wouldn't say that would be a good way to deal with the problem.


what is it with you and really powerful tee shirts??

stop being so good.

Annie in Wonderland

I love it.
I read that even though the mortality rate of seal pups in the winter of 06-07 could be 100% (without human interference) the Canadian government still allowed the seal hunt. Ew, what is the logic behind that? $5


I think it makes a very relevant statement, but as a shirt it seems a bit much.


I would only buy it if those bloody photos were printed on the sleeve, or on the back...

Actually you should just take off the design all together and try to print those bloody photos on a shirt. Just go ahead and make a new submission. That pixelated bloody seal face would work great.

If you are going to leave the design without the bloody photos, I'd like to see some more tears... I mean come on, It's being
clubbed to death... with blood. I do love that flowing river of what i can only assume to be blood under that fat seal though.

"Son I will protect you no matter what h" I can so relate to that title.


i hope everyone against the seal hunt is a vegetarian.


First of all, I must say that this is a very powerful design. I commend you on taking on an issue that unfortunately is still a problem in our day and age. With that being said, I think it's time for Threadless to stop making so called "humorous" or "fun" shirts and start focusing only on the political message of seal clubbing. Users should only submit designs that include a beaten and or bloody seal to spread this message. In addition, all previously printed designs should include photos of clubbed seals. For example, in the recently printed design "Biggie Was Right" there would be a photo of a bloody seal carcus right in the middle of the graph. I think Biggie would have supported the anti-seal clubbing cause as well. Keep designing great shirts like "Son I will protect you no matter what h" and we can only hope Threadless will revamp their entire approach to only focus on these poor bloody seals.

PS: I agree with CatchyFentoozler to scrap this entire design and merely make a submission of the pixelated bloody seal face.


do you know why they club?
cause they are standing on ice.
A bullet could go through the head and crack the ice thus endangering the human.
i love this shirt.
seal clubbing rules.

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