My Ice-cream!

  • by Fantomas
  • posted May 01, 2007

My first design!

Watch this

My first design!


I like it alot. But I think it would stand out more on black.


I wouldn't make the scoop on the ground the chocolate one. I may be a dumbass, but it looks like a poop.


yeah i thought the same thing - "his ice cream is about to fall on that dog turd!"


good point about the scoop on the ground. I think your monster is really adorable-- I'd probably give him some eyebrows, or slump his shoulders more--but that might kill the simplicity..


I just don't get the feeling that a big weird monster would get that sad over his ice cream falling on the 'reality' he'd probably just lick it up off the floor...but it is a cute illustration...


definitely the vanilla on the ground. didn't want that flavor anyway.

FA, that shirt is totally different. The ice cream is tiny and it's curry flavor.

I agree with a different shirt color. The blue monster blends too much with any shade of blue shirt.


I think it would be better if he just had one scoop that fell on the ground. Right now I think "Well he still has two more to eat! Why is he all sad?" If his cone were empty that would be TRAGIC though, and I would really cry. :)


your illo is very cute, altho have to agree with some of the critiques. however, it is definitely nothing like the earlier print. i have that shirt and didn't even think of it when i saw yours...

it's summer ppl, bring on the ice cream shirts!!


Aww. Go one scoop of vanilla though.


I think there's no reason why there can't be more than one design with similar ideas - I've got the tee mentioned above and I didn't even link it to this one - I like your cute little monster! Poor guy! Just swap the colours around so chocolate isn't on the floor and it'd be fine by me.


yes, I think we have seen this too many times


pretty cool id maybe wear it

Jew Turn

he/she/it must be a monster to have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry on one cone. gross.

oh but yeah, it's alright. i'd suggest the tear differentiate itself from the similar looking eye ball and tooth that it remains in betweenst.



Awww! My brother's looking over my shoulder and he says "I like it."

I like it too. :)


I agree with Jonightshade, if there where only one scoop it would be much funnier (silly mosters). Good illustration though. Maybe he should be looking down at it? Just a thought.


Cute, lose the brown, I'd prefer it on red or something less 'cool' than blue


I don't think they were trying to copy off midnight snack..
It's not bad, but I think I'd like to see a couple more colors.


awww i like it!
$5 :)


I like this monster. It doesn't remind me of midnight snack. But I think that both go to prove that monsters like ice cream.

Maybe he's sad because:
1. Monsters need at LEAST 3 scoops of ice cream to feel satisfied
2. Chocolate is his favourite flavour - that's why it's on top, so it won't be all melty and weird when he eats it
3. His heart is broken and this was his consolation ice cream, but the laws of gravity and mechanics conspired against him, taking away his last shot at happiness.



It needs to be all the ice cream fallen


It is interesting and it's fun to watch that sad monster.
Change the color of the scoop on the floor it looks like something else.


I really need to step up on my designing.... this is the second idea that i've had for a t-shirt that some one else posted before me. (I like my design so much though I still might sub it).


LOL I cant believe someone just mentioned how a monster would act "in reality"...

I wear that other monster tshirt on here all the time, and this one is different. I would definitely buy it! $5


Soo cute , I'd buy that for my nephew +5


Very cute, but I think it would pop very well on asphalt.


i'm agreeing with the making all the ice cream fall, and changing the color of it... i also think the monster could be more well rendered.


This shirt is awesome though I'm a little wary of the placement. I love it on the slate.


I agree, it would look better on a black shirt.


this is brilliant. perfect. why cant i buy this right now! ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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