Tetris is evil.

  • by Rizzice
  • posted Apr 30, 2007

A simple design I guess. Idea came from losing a game of tetris (don't know why I was playing it randomly, haha). Any feedback would be appreciated.

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A simple design I guess. Idea came from losing a game of tetris (don't know why I was playing it randomly, haha). Any feedback would be appreciated.


Wow I love tetris!

Good shirt


I agree with the statement/title of this design... and the design itself is too plain and white for my taste.


Are there actually white blocks? That part seems kind of weird, otherwise, cute :)


I guess it is kinda unrefined. I tend to do that.. I'll see if I can't make it a little more precise to the classic tetris.


Some of the colors don't match the shapes. If you go from the bottom up, most of them are consistent until you hit the middle.

ruby soho

Heh, cute. But I agree, it should be a bit more refined and maybe not on white.


that rocks - maybe better on a black shirt, either way I love it... tetris IS evil!!!


I like the concept, but make it like the actual game and it would be a lot better.


I agree, great idea, but it needs polishing. Polish it.


There was some issue with the submission name and stuff, it fixed itself, I guess.


love the idea, with a little work would love to buy!


its a blatant copy...but this one is better. its more colorful vertical and on the one on the site the piece isnt big enuff for the gap....AAND this is on threadles!


hahahaaa murphy's law.





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i know i'm a total nerd now, but tetris is named so because all the different pieces consist of 4 squares (tetra=4) and so this one wouldn't qualify as a tetris piece. not that it matters in the slightest, as breaking the rules of the game is the whole point of the joke, but still:)


I think it could be better executed, as well. making look more like the original game, keeping the colors consistent, etc.


This one is better than the other one...


this always seems to happen to me. I do agree with everyone else; the white's kinda bland. Some color other than that of the tetris blocks would be nice!


BTW i definitely like this one better that the one mentined by lunchboxbrain.


GREAT idea... but it needs to look more like tetris--- maybe some backgrounds, pixel font... something more.


Love the concept but it needs to look more real. I don't think it looks too similar to the other shirt, I love the unreal length of the next block in this one.
4, though.


Also, I like the look of the primary colours on white. What does everyone have against white shirts?


that top red square is tetris-ly impossible. dweeb. :P


ive seen this before........


To be honest I really didn't see that shirt before, lunchboxbrain. The idea came to me when I was playing tetris and I got screwed over by the same 2x2 block when the line was next.

So to increase the irony, I made it a bigger potential score that was screwed over (by making a longer straight block).

And to MrDelirious, the top red square is supposed to represent the last block that fell, and has not reached its resting place.


Also.. I wouldn't have made it so similar if I copied it. I mean, it's incredibly uncanny for another shirt I haven't even seen before, if it were me, I'd think I copied too. But I know I have never been to that site or seen any pictures.. it's a pretty simple idea.. actually it's the basic concept of tetris and how you lose it..


This sub is bugged, it seems.


lol i love how the red sqaure is falling into place and theres nothing that can be done to fix it. 5$


i like it but it should look more like tetris and less like black.


I didnt have time to read all the comments, So forgive me if thsi was stated already but... The shirt DOESNT MAKE SENSE. Once 4 blocks are connected ... they disappear. So rearrange the colors so it can at least fit THE RULES OF THE GAME.


the yellow block should not have more than seven squares.. just a detail..


i dont think you need to worry about the game details. its the concept that counts. the fact that the yellow line of blocks is riduculously long is part of the irony. only suggestion would be to make it look more like the game screen and less like a box w/ a bunch of little boxes


Yeah, pretty what much mocha said. Also Vicious J I'm pretty sure that's not even how the game works. In Tetris it requires a straight line across the whole row to dissapear for points. Not just four blocks together.

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