vegetable noah's ark

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O Valencia

Reminds me of the Science of Sleep. It'd be love on another color.


where are the vegetables?

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this is a good lookin' design!


Try again but with carrots and leeks and potatoes and so on marching in two by two . The way it is, it just looks like there are some trees behind the ark. Hey, Noah could be a cauliflower! I'm spending far too much time on this site, it's becoming a problem - anyone want to join a Threadless Anonymous therapy group?


I like it, Gaff seems to have a strange idea that would completely change the design and I wouldn't like it then, but definitely on a different colour.

kisses with saliva

the science of sleep was the first thing i thought of too.


in terms of the competition, i don't think a band would want a t-shirt that references a movie.

that said, i really like this.


It's a nice design, but definitely the science of sleep...


I like it! I'd especially like it on a different color.


Yeah, put it on a different background color. Something earthy'd work nice. $4

The Crackers

5$ love the color it's on

keep it on natural

it wouldn't look good on any other colors


aww the science of sleep :D


i don't know that it actually references the ark... i think if there were actually vegetables, i would by it.. but that might need to be a different shirt. well-rendered, it just doesnt say anything to me.


This looks very cool... I especially like the trees & if it had freakin' carrots or tomatoes, I wouldn't wear it.

Being very much a carnivore myself I'm not really into the "idea."

But I like the art alot, & I'd be tempted to buy this, so... $4

that garden in Granada

I agree with cinnamingirl, that I would buy a shirt that was actually an ark with two of every vegetable, or at least two of several kinds of trees, I think that would be really great. Someone get on it!


it reminds me of the science of sleep too.
i love it

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