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A pirate, a robot and a ninja walk into a bar....

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A pirate, a robot and a ninja walk into a bar....


Yeah, I have to say the windows detract a little. I like this design. I like how dard it is. Plus, it's funny. I like you, do you like me?


I can think of at least 20 people that I could get this for who would wear it a week straight...the only question I have is, where would the text go on the shirt?


I like how the robot's left arm is retracted. Nice detail there.


I figured the duel window was a nice touch. The windows don't event really NEED to be there. The whole background is negligible. I'm glad people are digin this off the bat.


oh and the text doesn't go on the shirt. I was just being cute. :-)


I'm not going to lie, the sleeves still bug me because now I can't tell if it's fabric or skin, but I think it's killer anyway.


too many details... t shirt is all about shortness


I like it. The background is a little dark here; not sure what part of the design will be on the shirt and which won't. And i agree, lose the windows/doors. People will know it's a bar/pub


I love this shirt. It's so funny . $5 . Great art aswell.


I think the text should go on the shirt...It adds to it.


I suppose since the background isn't very popular and the text is... I could easily strip the background and put the text over them but I'd want to do my own typography if that were the case.


jenraskopf, it should be pretty obvious... the beer foam is white as are his arms, so therefore his arms are made of beer foam. duh.


ha! that's how you can tell he's a real pirate!

pirate myth #2071. Pirates are made of beer foam. that's why they have to drink so much to live.

jessie girl

lolz what a funny shirt!

and LOL at the beer foam comment!


:D The ninja should be on the ceiling...he'll have his cake up there, please.
I love this shirt but I have to agree with the others who said lose the background. Before I even read your comment about putting the text in where the doors and windows are I was like "He should put the text where the door and windows are..." We are cool. You especially!


Text on the back mayhaps?


no text + no background. simplify!

or if you must have text, maybe just "is this some kind of joke?"'s clear that they are a pirate, robot, and ninja in a bar.


I like it. although to beat the dead horse more.... imo, loose the pub in the window and the exit sign, keep the doors/bar and dont put any text in. just my 2cents.


thanks for all the feedback :-)


love it!!! $5


the font choice would be hard to read that small..

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

People, you don't need the text for this tee! I think the concept is pretty self-explanatory as is! Grypes, way to please fans of all the three sub-genres of badasses this site seems to adore more than their old Care Bear collections! Really nice coloring and touches on this one man!


i think this would look a lot better without the background and the pubs i love it though, the design is amazing.


Can you put the text on the back of the shirt in a small square window or something... I actually want the text on this one.


yeah since people have shown interest in the text i'm definately thinking it should go on the back in a small patch up by the neck


you shoudl have the 'a pirate, a robot and a ninja walk into a bar...' thing on the back of a shirt. I WOULD SO BUY IT $5


haha, i love the concept


I don't mind the concept, but the execution is kind of unskilled.

The spacing of all the different elements is too conservative, and doesn't create atmosphere or draw your eye to what's going on in the image. The muted, boring colours don't help either. I'd like it better if the robot was huge.

And why does it say "BAR" and "PUB" on the windows? It's surely one or the other.

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The concept is very good. And I like the inks. That light blue/lavender shade works nice.

What you need to focus on when you are making layouts, is hightlighting the focal point (in this case, the 'joke'). There is too much unimportant stuff in the background that we do not need, that draws attention away from your punchline. We can tell they are in a bar/pub without the windows & exit door. Plus, it makes everything so squished in on the shirt proper.

Once you eliminate the unimportant aspects, you can really bump up the scale & detail in your focal point.

Also, the way you worked the brown on the bartop reminds me of a skidmark.

And, no, you do NOT need the text. 3


Yeah I'm definitely with you about the background. It seemed necessary at the time but as soon as I posted it and saw it more detached from me I realized my folly.

I'm not sure what you mean about the skid mark. I'm guessing the way the edges trail off but I didn't know how else to approach that.

And I know I don't NEED the text. But a lot of commenters people seem to want it.


I heard the joke like this:
A nun, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar, yada yada yada. I think that one's funnier.

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The bar looks like a skidmark/poop smear in the way it is roughly paint brushed on there. I do not think you need the brown fill. It is just another aspect that is uneeded since we will still know they are sitting at a bar. In fact, NONE of the brown ink is needed.

Hm. Know what would be funny? If you did a slightly different angle on this and reversed it. The characters are each so individualistic that we'd be able to recognize them from the back. Thus, making the joke more subtle.

If the viewers saw the figures from the back. Then you could add in a bartender standing there, polishing a glass or something with a confused look on his face. Just an idea.

You feel me?


This is great. :) Take out the windows and it's a $5 for sure. :D


i love it but it would be better if the backkground stuff was gone. just the bar and the dudes.

Miss Haha

Take the text off the windows (and just leave it as is) and it's a total $5 - awesome!!!


That is an excellent joke. I'd never heard that one. Great job.


awesome. i think just the text 'is this a joke?' is needed.


Love it I also like the idea of just having "Is this some kind of joke" in place of the background...the rest is just aces... and the "Beer foam pirate fact" should be it's own shirt...It made me snort my Chai tea...which isn't fun to snort...

The Ninja reminds me of "Shredder"...which just makes me want this shirt even more!

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