Most of you have probably seen this already but here's a bunch of shirts ripped off by Todd Goldman's shirt company David and Goliath tees.

My cookie loves milk shirt is also included in the bunch.
I also have proof positive that he's sold a couple paintings featuring a little soap saying "Wash your butt!"

Please help me get the word out. It's not alright to steal from artists, in fact it's fucking illegal especially if he's making money off of us.
I haven't decided what I'm doing yet but odds are this won't be pretty.

Watch this
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I got it on to the main page of Penny Arcade.

I guess all we can do is get the word out, but I doubt Threadless will let such flagrant abuse of its intellectual property go unnoticed.

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They can't do much really other than get the word out. Penny Arcade has some clout in the nerd sphere, so I'd say that helps quite a bit.


the milk and cookie one was the most flagrant rip off.
it made me angry
because i love cookie loves milk so much


Sue him, get every cent out of his ninety-million dollar empire. We have the evidence.


I believe it is plagiarism, if you are going to court explain your shirt and it's meaning and ask him to explain his rip-off shirt's meaning (for the ones he stole from you)
Chances are it's going to be pretty close

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A lawsuit would be tricky, you can't really copyright the concept of a design.

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As I said in the other blog, we should totally have a competition for subs about Todd Goldman. I have a great idea already that I've been saving for just an occasion.





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Thanks guys.
It's not only that he's stolen the concept of the design, I can also agrue that the designs are too similar in color and placement alone.
Not only this but several months before David and Golaith tees actually offered me a job BECAUSE he saw my shirts on Threadless, so he can't exactly claim ignorance.

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Let's send over a large black man named Rufus to fuck his ass.


I say go with the class-action lawsuit. At least SEVEN separate parties have had their ideas stolen, with no credit, and used in artwork that he claimed was his, for vast sums of money. This isn't just theft -- it's outright consumer fraud.


I worked for David and Goliath as a freelance artist and later as an employee, who quit shortly after I was threatened with termination for being a loose cannon, which I have never been. Here's the clincher, my brother who works at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas called me today and said he saw one of my cartoons on the wall in the art gallery with the name Todd on it. My cartoon is FRANK LLOYD WRONG and it has been stolen by Todd. Yes, I gave Todd permission to use my cartoons, but only if I got royalties. When I quit working there they told me my royalties were going to stop, of which I never got any anyway. So I would be happy to join a class-action lawsuit or I will sue on my own. Whatever it takes for fairness and justice to be served. I'm so mad. I think I should be entitled to my royalties if they are still using my artworks. Don't you? My FRANK LLOYD WRONG cartoon is all over the Internet today relative to Todd Goldman scandals. It's great free publicity for me, but I'm still annoyed that I was working for minimum wage and threatened with termination for being a loose cannon. A truly creative environment should be loaded with loose cannons for goodness sakes. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Todd Goldman.... I have no words for that s.o.b. I have a designer friend who got ripped off bad, he was just working fo a living and had two kids. Todd Goldman is one of those sleasy people who people hate and one day he is found dead in some ironic way......funny how the world works.


he is a dirty -insert any cussword of your liking here-.
you would think he would have enough common sense to stop stealing when everyone o nthe internet knows about it.
He is just made of pure stupidity.
And i agree with one of the people above, threadless should do a Threadless hates Todd Goldman competition. I would buy any shirt printed.


That is fucking bullshit. I can imagine Billy Dee Williams popping out and saying his silky voice,"it'z juzt biznezz, bay-beh."


he's done the unicorns fucking tee now.

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What a perfect name for an asshole guy who rips people off, Todd Goldman. Even if I didn't know anything about him, I would still think "this Todd Goldman guy sounds like a real son-of-a-bitch".
I often judge people by their name only.


He going 2 get whats coming to him!!!!!!!!!! People like that always do!!! Just give it some time. He going 2 hit rock bottom. Taking people style and designs is not right.

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