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  • by jpiatt
  • posted Apr 21, 2007
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Nice job. Love the colors.


i totally love this :3 but i think i'd like it more if the shirt was actually a lighter color... though i'd buy it even in this scheme ^___^ $5


interesting style jeremy, good job


surprising change of pace and i like it a great deal


Great idea. The Little mermaid was my favourite movie growing up, so I would definitely buy this. One comment, though. The shadow makes the girl look fat. While I understand that the sun would make the shadow actually stretch like this, I think you could cheat a bit and make the shadow a little thinner. Nothing wrong with curvy ladies, of course, but since your girl on the shirt is thin, her alter-ego should look like her.


Love the idea, but the shadow is a little awkward. Other than that, fantastic job.


I agree about the shadow - the head and fin need to be better defined.

But cool Idea.

Would it be better on a sand coloured T? This looks like mud at night.

ruby soho

Great concept, but I agree that the shadow looks a bit awkward. Also, I'd prefer it on a lighter colored shirt, maybe even with a different color scheme. It's a buy though, if those things are fixed.


The drawing could be smoother, but still, 4.


what chelly said


I would like a lighter shirt so you can see the design. My computer here at work has a lot of glare, making it difficult to judge, but I had to work really hard to see the shadow (and therefore the point). Clean up the shadow and make the whole thing more visible and you've got a $5. a 4 for now.


Great idea and generally nice execution overall, but the shadow looks a bit lumpy. Try making it a bit more smooth and streamlined?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Fix the shadows proportions, and also make it not so stark black. Shadows should be able to BREATHE more. Making it a deep brown & adding disressing around the edges could help. I think the bucket in th ebackground is our of perspective, too. It is far too big and competing with the main focus of the design.

mezo profile pic Alumni

our = out

Alexandra Marie

I agree on a thinner shadow. Otherwise, very nice style.


ok, i hate that movie/song, but i like this shirt. it is cool.


I really thought this shirt was a hot babe


not on brown. think beachy: light yellow, baby blue... 4$


i love thie concept, but yeah, the shirt has to be a more beachy color and i think more waves/foams are necessary.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Props for the change up in style! Not my thing, but i will score gently cause i still dig what you are going for...


I love the idea as I have always wanted to be a mermaid, as a child and such and still secretly now however I agree, the shadow is a little awkward and I feel the shirt colour would need to be a more sea related colour like a dark blue or a sandy yellow (pastel though)
Please keep working on this design it has lovely potential.


LOVE THE IDEA and want the shirt... Couple thoughts though...
1. Work on the water. Not dead clear, make it a little more obvious.
2. What others said about the shadow. A little thinner perhaps. From a distance it looks a little bit more like a whale.
3. Maybe a little work on her face? Maybe it's just me but it looks a little... Orgasm-y...

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahaha "Orgasm-y"


ew. i dont really like the mermaid shadow. she looks too chubby. slim her down a bit my friend.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

maybe I'm a chubby guys don't seem to like the thicky thick mermaids as much as I do.


This is really cool!!!! i would totaly wear this!!

off subject but did anyone notice the girl model isnt wearing pants?


Oh my gosh.... I'm in love. I want this shirt so bad right now...


i don't like the placement, but i love the design.
maybe if it was closer to the bottom of the shirt.
i'll give it a 5 though :]


at first i thought she was laying on some sort of scary black manatee. i like the idea, but the shadow needs work.

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I think the brown color works well, nice job.


i think it should be on a lighter shirt, that way the shadow is more visible

Who is GABE

its cool.... but not on brown....


I love the concept, but I definitely think the shadow is a little lumpy and formless. It could be MUCH clearer. It would also be nice on a lighter color, as suggested. I'd probably go with a sea green... because... it's... the sea... :D


for the love of god, if you do put it on a lighter color please don't use slate.
i also saw a manatee rather than the mermaid, i think if you accentuated the hair and maybe made it splayed and flowing it would transalte better.

really cute idea


matt20845-- I was going to say something about that-- should I take the time to complain about the male model not, not wearing pants? So unfair. Lets see a peek of man thighs. come on. makes the t-shirt world even sexier. From now on, this is how I am wearing all my t-shirts. sans pants.

purple lips

love the idea.
different color brown or something lighter for the background because the bucket and sand castle are black they blend in too much with the dark brown so lighter and it would be amazingg.awesome.=]

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I missed this in the running, but I wanted to say I love the song you wrote for this, I hear they are putting it in The Littlest Mermaid 12, and it will be all cgi by pixar

Bambi 5


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