this song is AWESOME

Watch this

When is the new album coming out?


all i can say is thank you for bringing this artist to my attention.
love it.
reminds me of OK Go's music vid and other ones.


This is way classier and sexier than the OK Go video though. And the song is hella better.


i love me some feist

why does everyone on threadless have such good taste in music?


yes it's classier... but uses the same idea.
a better similarity is a music video my physics teacher showed us.
i don't know the name, but there's a guy singing and he moves around the room effortlessly. the walls and stuff move too. they filmed it with conveyor belt stuff on the floor. anyone know what i'm talking about? lol
i love how she dances in this video, though, and the look on her face and such.


@ icebar, was it Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over and Over Again

whisper in water

My friend loves that song. He says it's the best music to have sex to.


yep thanks


sex is great to have music with

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Feist broke up Broken Social Scene by leaving it....hence she makes me pout and frown a lot for doing so and making that band's name extra ironic.


When did Feist leave BSS? And how would her leaving break up the band - she's kind of a part-time member (as most of them are) and not a founding member anyways.

Where's your source on this, I wonder?

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