• by digifool
  • posted Apr 20, 2007

Why don't they make Lollipop barbels anymore?

Watch this

Why don't they make Lollipop barbels anymore?


I know I accidently spelled Strong wrong. Please take it easy on me.


That's a beautiful illustration.

There isn't quite enough in this design though... I would suggest you make this image bigger on the shirt, or better yet, do a whole family of old-fashioned circus / sideshow performers.

If it were done as well as this, I would 5$ it in a second.


Yeah, I wonder what happened to lollipop barbels?


Oh, bravo on that. I agree with 13 strong in thinking that it needs a little something, but as an illustration, I love it.

Maybe have the whole family go 'round the shirt on the bottom?


I love the illustration, but the dark color of the shirt dosent allow it to stand out as much as I would like. Perhaps a lighter shade of gray/blue? More figures would also be cool, but I would buy this as is. Great illustration!


really cool illustration. looks like an old school kids book or something. very nice.

joolya profile pic Alumni

I like it SO much. $5

And the subtlety is exactly right - color choice and everything.
Charming, perfect.

In my perfect world, it would be just an inch lower, because I like to cut the tee shirts to make them a round, rolled, slightly lower neckline.

It would make a great hoodie if you play with the placement.

Love that design in the background


i like the boy but a grey detail he is standing on looks out of place in comparison to the detail you put into the boy




ON THE SHIRT that is


i really like the illustration, but i'm not a fan of the design he's standing on... i get that's it's supposed to add to the old-fashioned feel, but the styles are kinda clashing.


Good design! I think lollipop barbells went away cause they rolled over toesies too easily, maybe? Plus, harder to adjust the weight for multiple declining weight burnout sets.


sick minus the background design, that makes it seem to average for today. and the two flavors of sketch and stencil don't work.

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