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Violent video games made me do it

Ok, now here' my take on the whole "Violent video games made him do that" stuff.

I believe that although video games can be violent, they have no part in a persons actions. If a guy does something horrible, a game didn't teach him how to kill. That guy is just messed up in the head. Or the people just want to find a scapegoat and blame the problem on something else.

Looking at it from a different (more comic-bookish) point of view, the only way a "Violent Video Game" could make you do something is if they actually blackmailed you of beat you up to make you do what they want.

Hope you guys get where I'm goin' with this.

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like the idea and design, just a little too dark, i found myself squinting.

Malcolm Man

I'm not one of thoase narrow minded anti text guys, but in this case, I think the image speeks for itself.

susie q89

i dont think many people would realize the "things" were actually video games. i didnt untill i read it...


Susie q89, if you don't recognize an NES cartridge on sight then this shirt just isn't intended for you, I guess.

They're videogames and they're being violent, plain and simple. Leaving the text off allows people to draw their own conclusions about the meaning, which makes a more thought-provoking shirt.

Sorry to comment twice, but I really like this design.


no text, and $5


Nice concept coupled with a great style. Good job. 5


I like the design and agree with your statement.

However, I think a controller with a cord (none of that wireless X360 nonsense ;) ) should've been used as rope.


argg....sorry for third post xbox360 not X360 for some reason didn't show up in my corrected ppost


I really like it with the old nintendo cartridges. I agree with your message.


I don't really like the colors or howthe composition is just a horizontal line.


there are a few things i'd change, but i'm giving you a 5$ because i've been looking at designs for an hour and it's the best i've seen. nice job man. i'm a fan of concepts like this.


It looks pretty cool, but it reminds me too much of the "GTA made me do it" concept that's been out for a while on other sites.

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Alumni

Well, it is making fun of people scapegoating and blaming video games; but I thought the concept was different enough.


It is man, I would buy it $5


Awesome picture, and I feel the same way. I'd give you a five if I could.


delete the text & maybe try another type of cartridge.

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