• by Jackohmo
  • posted Apr 18, 2007

i got in trouble today at school for wearong this! grrrrr. the principle told me that the weapons are inappropriate for school and the assistant principle came in and was all, " whats that a pineapple bomb?". and above all, they made me wear it inside out all day!%^$%!)(T%! angry face!

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THEY SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT MINE!! i was so frustrated. i was like its a political shirt. and my principle was like its crap take it off. grrr


haha, this is a great shirt in my opinion. However when I asked my mom if i could order it, she acted as if it was the most offensive thing she'd ever seen. Acually I am kinda happy she wouldn't let me buy it beacuase if anyone's principle made them take it off, mine would go beserk... lol, he suspened this kid for spitting on someone...ahhh... I have terrible judgement.


that's stupid! but i can see why they would be against it..
in my highschool i think we can wear anything we want.

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I cant see why anyone would be against this in all honesty. Also, its not political. Fast food kills. It does not run for president...yet.


fuk ur skool! fight the power :)


yeah i was debating whether or not to buy it because my principal might not like it


Well...if I were still in high school I would more than likely protest my principal if he were to ask me to wear this shirt inside out. First of all...nothing is pointing at the viewer and its an interruptive peice of art. This is an awesome shirt that makes an awesome statement.


hahaha...pineapple bomb...that's great


its not even that political: its fast food.
fact: fast food kills
fact: shirt displays that


hey jack, i remember when this happened


Well-- at least in my district, I think they specifically state that you can't wear things with weapons on it. So, knowing that's an already-established rule, I probably wouldn't be surprised...

I don't think principals have to make such a big deal about that kind of stuff all the time, though.


i looooove this....
even though i eat junk food....hehehehhe


I can't believe that anyone got told to take that shirt off, that's crazy... I wonder if U.S. schools are stricter about weapons etc due to a higher probability of terrorism, or what? I know no-one in NZ would have issues with this shirt, at school, church, on a plane or anywhere.


jeez. this shirt is not even political. they are taking it way literally. sucks though you gotta wear it inside out. its such a nice design.


i cant waits to wear mine!...i jus has to order it still.


This t-shirt makes a statement against fast food...taking it to the level of having it be about weapons is extreme...it's a very clever design

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Yer schools are lame.


its not cus US schools are stricted about weapons, its that they're scared of a parent complaining and losing their jobs. and theyre dickheads


Because studies have shown that if you stop people from wearing t-shirts about things, those people will stop using those things to kill each other. It's scientific!


"THEY SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT MINE!! i was so frustrated. i was like its a political shirt. and my principle was like its crap take it off. grrr"
How is it political? It's about fast food being bad for you. As far as I can tell, it's not political.


I am disgusted by the fact that I'm not surprised that this happened. I feel so brainwashed by my culture of fear.


Its a great shirt. Its no joke, its fact. And yes, i will eat fast food while wearing this shirt.


yo babes, political can be making a statement about society. Doesn't need to actually include politicians somehow.


Schools can make you remove a shirt if it interrupts the learning environment, or depicts something illegal. That being said, this seems like a shirt that is sketchy. Some may allow it, some may not. If this happened to me, I would protest it (if weapons weren't prohibited in some dress code). Its making a statement about fast food, and I don't see anything wrong with it. It's not promoting school violence. But yeah, I just hope this gets reprinted so I can test the waters with this shirt.

(when in doubt, remember Tinker vs Des moines, lol)

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