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Inspired by a show about a paper company.

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Inspired by a show about a paper company.


oh how i love jim halpert!!!


I LOOOOVE the office, needs a bit more contrast and i would definatly 5$ it, good job


I would like it better if it were a staple remover, but someone sub'd a staple remover design already, so that would be a blatant copy. According to some, at least.

Really, though, I like this...


Office rocks!


shouldn't it be a stapler?


Yeah, that was definately a stapler... You're probably trying to make it different, but if its a reference to "The Office" then you should stick with what actually happened.


YESSSSS! i luv the office! =D


but yea a stapler would be good too lol...

The Wee Straggler

Anyone likely to get the reference probably thought of The Office immediately anyway.

I'd like to see more to this design. At least a plate, but it should probably be on a desk with some other stuff.


Perhaps some white reflections on the edges of the jelly to make it shiny?


I tried the white edges, but I felt that they looked distracting. Since they were the brightest element in the image they tended to pull the eye a bit.


hahah, yay...... ♥ Jimmmm


not to rain on the parade, but this shirt has been done a million times over by other websites....

great nate

huge office fan, but come on now. thats also true rev4n ^


But none of those other shirts/web sites are making Threadless any money...


you should have made it a stapler or the calculator. cause thats what jim puts in it. 5$ none the less


You have jello'd into my heart.

I don't care about the haterade.


I'm such a Jam fan....ashamed to admit that the only other place I post is the nbc forum for The Office. I do remember the end of the epi where the mug is in the jello, that was effing brilliant as always. The stapler inside would have been perhaps more recognizable, of course. I think the hardcore fans would appreciate a slightly more obscure reference, something more wink-wink. Like a hand with hot dog fingers holding an ice cream sandwich, maybe? Or two sets of feet sticking out of a dog house? The possibilities are endless, and the end results could be vague and odd enough that even non-Office people would want to buy. You could take any episode of that show and come up with an insanely funny shirt to make. How about a giant inflatable castle with a businessman either falling down into it or bouncing up from it? I wish they'd hold a contest for The Office Loves Threadless. If they printed ten winners, I'd buy them all!


I would love to have "The Office Loves Threadless" contest.

It's my favorite show of all time, I think.

One of my co-workers had a student steal my stapler and put it in jello. It still smells like lime jello.


Having not seen The Office, it appears as if the jello had eaten the coffee mug. I love it.

I know it would kill the refference, but I'd pursue that subject by adding a slime trail from on direction showing that the jello had crawled into view. Maybe add some darker chunks in the jello.

I think that would amuse a far greater audience. I'd buy.



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I havent seen this on any other sites, so if this is indeed quite a unique and new tee concept, more power to you! I instantly recognized the Office joke here, but i agree the stapler would be more direct and ready for laughter by fellow Office lovers around you checking out your tee. I like the simple bold lines and graphic for this concept....very nice job on this one.


I'm pretty sure Tim in The Office (UK) doesn't put a mug in Jelly.

At least the stapler would work for both UK and US...

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i would add a highlight color to the ridges of the jello to make it "glisten"


I know it would kill the refference,

It's exactly what it looks like, no reference necessary. One character, a semi-wiseass, put another character's (a tight ass) coffee mug inside a jello mold... although I thought it was a stapler... or a calculator

But I've been trying to figure out how he did it? Did he take the item home and them put it inside the jello mold? Did he make the jello at work and put it in the company breakroom fridge, and no one noticed?... anyway...


oops... shoulda read the earlier posts about the stapler and calculator...


i hate the shirt color though. 3 until it changes


haha. any one who saw the show would love it. but i agree... the colours need some re-thinking.


Eh, this just looks like the Shell Station logo. With a coffee mug.


Best show since Arrested Development got pulled.

But to a passing stranger, Shell petrol. But even if this is what you recognize it as, it could still have depth. Could be a tongue in cheek anti-expansionist symbol. Like all that's wanted of the Arab League is food (in this case coffee) and petrol...or as comedy a reference to trucker hats, as this could easily be a symbol for some International Truckers Alliance. And truckers are the modern highwaymen, who were pirates on land. And chances are most passersby will LOVE another shirt about pirates.


13strong, you're right, Tim from The Office (UK) doesn't do the mug in jelly. Jim does it with Michael Scott's self-purchased "World's Best Boss" mug. I certainly wouldn't mind a shirt referencing some of the more outstanding moments from the UK show...maybe a guitar with "she's not dead!" on it? That line alone will send me into hysterics. Or even a bottle of wine all wrapped up, that would be perfect. Both shows are genius in their own right. Can't wait for tonight's new epi, it promises to be phenomenal, what with Jim imitating Dwight....


Yeah, I'd totally buy a stapler in jelly, I've never seen the US version.


Would be better had it been a stapler in the jello (The Office on BBC).


Pleaaaaaaase, re-design it with a stapler and submit that!
It would be SO awesome if this got printed, I'd totally buy it for my bf, he loves The Office.

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