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  • by Cremola
  • posted Apr 16, 2007

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I probably wouldn't wear this anywhere, but I like the design.


ditto to comment above


i like the hairless cat


This is a really cool drawing. But I would never wear it as a shirt.


This is too big for Threadless to print, I think. They can only do 13"x17".


I'd wear it. $5


nice pic, try it smaller next time, come and check mine


not the kind of design for a shirt, but nice nevertheless.


too big..but nice chick!:)


beautiful work. i dunno if i'd wear semi-softcore porn on my shirt though. you kids and your MTV.LOL. Still this is lovely.


Good art but not as a t-shirt.


The art is 5 but to me does not fix on the tee ;) cheers


awesome drawing, but she needs more clothing

The Xerox

Yeah, although I really like the style and everything, the chick pretty much negates the wearability of this...


Oh My God Yesss... The rest of you must be crazy. I would def purchase this.!!!


hm. not crazy about how the woman is overly sexualized. i'm pretty sure that sounds pretentious, but i'm also pretty sure that it detracts from an otherwise good design. and the pose of the woman is pretty standard anyway.


Obviously this person can draw, but seriously what kind of person puts a woman in her underwear in front of a church. If you want to look at this at home thats fine with me, it's pretty, but if you walk around with it on a shirt you are going to offend a lot of people.


I like your style but I feel like the peices that make up this composition are rather random. Maybe choose one object and elborate on it.


Some people take art and pick it to pieces and find hidden meanings and sexualisation etc... I think your work looks awesome. Perhaps a little color somewhere would add a bit more. Maybe even white print on a color... Its nice, but I dont think I would wear this either.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Aethelwolfess on Apr 18 '07
I probably wouldn't wear this anywhere, but I like the design.

But why? Does it offend you in any way? It's a good illustration but I'm curious as to why you wouldn't be caught wearing it anywhere else?


fab image...but not for a tshirt


i think it's nice, there are a lot of details, but because it's black and white it doesn't get too much.


Hi Folks, sorry for any offence this may be causing, did not get the problem though. This was originally designed for a snowboard, it is made up of elements relating to myself, so a bit selfish in that way!
If i started designing t's that pleased everyone i think that would just be the safe option but i'll get there one of these days!
Thanks everyone, criticism is constructive!



it reminds me of the felt coloring boards w/ markers they sell at Walgreens


Yeah Hiar less cat = win..
girl? = not so muh win


i love the design.
but most people wouldn't wear this unless the girl was a little more covered up.
still great though.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

So instead of just having a random hot girl on a tee (which seems to be the rage these days on Threadless), we got a random church, random animals, and random placement that makes the pine trees at the top of the design seem like they are gonna impale the wearer. I think you have some mad skillz cremola, i'd just like to see them put together for more of a purpose...


The design is great, just not suited for a t-shirt.

The Nu

booty. no thanks.


Cover the girl up a bit and i'd wear it, give her a skirt or something

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i like booty - good job, sorry you will prolly get creamed by the voters but 5 nonetheless


Great illustration, nice style.
Do smaller work or different placement on t-shirts, and try to add a clever hook or an illustrated wordplay or a comment on contemporary events or something an' it'll be so good it's unbelievable.


butt crack.....


roundredhead was a cry baby, this shirt is awesome, threadless pushes the limits of offensive o y not wit this tee, 5!


Nice illustration, but I don't think I would wear it as a shirt. I highly doubt the school would be down with that chick's ass.


really cool style. definatly agree this could look great white out...but im so sick of random women on shirts.........


Nice Ass =p lol
I really like it! But I hate this hairless cats !!


I like everything about this design except the woman. Not that she's badly drawn; you did an excellent job, but I'm just not into wearing scantily-clad teen girls in suggestive poses on my shirt. Being a 34-yr-old mom and all, y'know? At any rate, it's clear you're extraordinarily talented and I can't wait to see more subs from you.


Nice drawing maybe if you would center it more and shrink it a lil n mess with the colors it be nicer


She needs more clothes! As mephitine said. Yes! more subs, and more clothing.


wow this is really not good. i don't know why all these comments keep saying the artwork's good. it's way too cliche.


Less cliche please.

I do love the Sphinx cat, though (I'm the proud daddy of one.)


i would wear this coz i love the style. i also like how your canvas is the entire shirt


id wear it, but only in right time and place.
i really like the line style and i like all the kinda random subjects. i like it
i like it a lot.
frog cat girl marsh church trees...yessss


If I wore this I probably would have people trying to cast some sort of demons out of me.
"What?!?! Sexy churches with cats? What kind of people do you hang out with?"
and then I would have to explain...
"nonono I just love the artwork, that is all..."
So, for all the trouble, I would never buy this. I like wearing shirts that would demand an explanation.


I mean would NOT demand an explanation.. lol

d3d profile pic Alumni

i'd wear it in white or something on black, but not black on white


Agreed it doesn't really work as a shirt, or at least, I wouldn't wear it. I might have to try to answer "Why is she making that pose outside?"

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