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piranha na na

the artwork is definitely nice, but i'm not sure how successful it'll be as a shirt =/


Whooooo! I feel good.

Ok now that I got that out of my system, I like this. I don't like it on cream but then cream does give it a classy look. The boarder is fantastic and so is the back ground. You did a great job and I'm gonna give it a $5.


wow... its so peaceful . i love it


It has a clipart look to me.


Love it! $5 for sure.

The border is amazing, but the sheet music in the background really makes it look neat. Nice detail on the piano as well.


I love it! I would love to find out if it wins Brandon!


Nice design but as shirt it isn't very,
much more then an image on shirt


I would like to see the design zoomed in.


This is my first design by the way. Here is a link to a larger version of the file.

Click Here


i agree that it is well done, but i also agree that it probably won't do well as a shirt


Pretty. I love the way you did the border.


Eh, it doesn't work for me.


hmmm... it's really great and realistic artwork... but perhaps a little too complex for a shirt... simplify it maybe... or... welll... if they made a bag or notebook with that on it. I'd buy it. But a shirt.. eh.


I mostly like it but I'm not overly keen on the border. I think it would be much more t-shirt-worthy without it.

Simply_ Lovely

I love this, it's wonderful. very serene, calming. 5$!! I hope it get's printed.


pianos are love. $5

Matt of 7and34

This makes me think of the band Keane and their album 'Hopes and Fears' which is fantastic. Design is pretty good. Not sure if it's for me, but I like the way it was done.


It would be really great if we could see a bigger picture, but I'm still giving this a 5$. I'd wear it :D


like the design... not sure about the colour.

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