• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

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Poll never loaded, but my vote is for whichever has longer girly shirts.


So now you changed, it, anyway.
The FOTL shirts don't shrink as much and are thicker (ie: I don't have to work to hide my bra on the lighter shirts.)


American apparellll<3

much nicer cotton.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

American Apparel for sure, they fit waaaaaaay better for me, and feel nicer


Seeing as I've never heard of American Apparel?



American Apparel Sweatshop Free, just feels nicer and fits better in my opinion. Fruit of the Loom tends to run their sizes on the larger end, I don't like that since I'm a pretty small guy. The color on AA just feels more vibrant as well.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

yeh I think the arguement is fit, bigger guys like FOTL cause it fits better, and smaller guys like AA cause they fit better

Threadless should make S and M size guys shirt on AA. That would be a dream come true.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

FOTL, even though American Apparel is better fitted, I hear you have to take special care as to not fuck up the design, and it's a t-shirt (Even if I own 20-some), I don't want to be laboring over them. But, there's the issue of the whole sweatshop whatever-whatever. But anyways, what happened to custom-made threadless-brand shirts? Did you guys ever get to that?

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i've never worn an AA shirt, but i've felt them up in stores. i like that part of it anyway.
anything would have to fit better than fruit of the loom.

...and i think if the inks weren't laid on so thick, they'd work better on AA's thin stretchy cotton.


i've never done a comparison...but I'd like the one that's more comfy, and lasts longer.


good god, that sounded bad......


i'm cool w/ either one, i don't mind FOTL, it fits me decently & it helps hide my fat body better than a tighter t-shirt.


AA definetly, the fit, the feel, everything is better. it seems like each gender wants whichever one they're not getting, girls want FOTL and guys want AA

tesko profile pic Alumni

AA fits better, feels better, better karma


"i've never worn an AA shirt, but i've felt them up in stores. "

tries not to laugh


AA has a better fit, they feel extremley soft and i like the colors aa offers more than the colors fotl offers.


American Apparel for sure,= FOTL makes theirs with ugly puffy huge sleeves and their sizes are all jacked up.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

Verdana, at 2:40pm on Jan 3, 2006
"i've never worn an AA shirt, but i've felt them up in stores. "

tries not to laugh

----and i left greasy finger marks on them too.

has anyone ever thought of t shirts out of sweatshirt material?
or is that just stupid?

no stupider than wearing shorts and long sleeves though.


id be happy to pay 2 bucks more for shirts that fit me and that i feel comfortable in, besides 17$ is still pretty cheap


or muscle tees out of sweatshirt material like rocky???

travis76 profile pic Alumni

yeah, $17 is cheap as shit for good rare shirts. have you shopped in the real world ever? you can't find anything under $20 anymore.


American Apparel. I like the quality.


FOTL is okay as I have no experience in AA and like Wayne and Garth, I fear change, so don't change.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i want a denim t shirt. with a back pocket style chest pocket. that would kick so much ass (j/k)

or a knit t shirt- which i have seen, and is kinda cool....

streetwise profile pic Alumni

AA brand fits threadless better...more unique all around, colors, fit etc...


i vote for fruit but would like prints of the design with the shirt because i buy the clothes more for the art and a little for the shirt really

travis76 profile pic Alumni

american apparel are patriots!
FOTL sweatshops fund terrorism!

but, i fear snugger american apparel will showcase my ever-aroused nipplage...and that just won't do.

so i'm torn.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I seem to remember Shimala or Shaw mentioning that they used to print the guys shirt on AA but the shirts didn't keep the print all that well.

I like the way the FOTL fit, and they seem to be a little thicker, which comes in handy for us Canadians in our igloos.


go to the polling site travis and TFM used for the polls and make one, then we can have actual results. maybe? eh?




FOTL is evil, thus go FOTL. Go go go! Make them kids sweat, sweat sweat sweat, crack that whip, work harder little vermins!


hey i would prefer a red zip up skinny corp in x large please instead

jublin profile pic Alumni

AA no question.

Aside from the comfort and better fit, I think they are better quality shirts in general. Several of my FOTL shirts have loose threads all over the place. I thought "Threadless" was just a name. I feel like my AA shirts dominate all of my other shirts. And they have more colors!

It's true FOTL might fit better for the bigger guys, but think about the little guys for once.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

ha ha- make them earn that quarter! that's what they get for taking our jobs.
i always wondered why my FOTL smelled like the tears of children and third world bare feet......even after like 12 washes.


American Apparel because it is very comfy.


american apparel fo me


definitely AA, they're comfy, soft and fit perfectly. I've felt FOTL guys shirts and they feel like cardboard in comparison


Think about the large-breasted girls!
AA shirts are just too short and huggy in the boobs. I'd buy a larger size, but then the torso is too bulky and it just cliffs straight down from the boobs and looks like a puffy fat stomach.
I love the AA sheeves, but have never seen a Fruit of the Loom girl shirt, so have no basis for comparason on that.




American Apparel tees are the most comfortable :)

twniehaus profile pic Alumni

american apparel


If y'all changed to a girl shirt that fit better and didn't advertise my bra, I'd be less hesitant about buying some shirts.

slow loris shirts
slow loris shirts profile pic Alumni

i've been printing on American Apparel for a couple years now, and i am considering to switching to Alternative apparel. I have found that with American app. i get a lot of complaints that the mens shirts get holes in the armpits quite fast and the neck stitching often comes undone. If you don't want to deal with a lot of returns, i'd keep this in mind. The girls shirts seem have less problems. American apparel shirts may be sweatshop free, but i've found over the years they are cheaply made. You should check out Alternative apparel if you haven't already...


i can dig american apparel and all that they stand for, but i think they are a tad overrated, i have 2 aa shirts and i'm not all that impressed, FOTL suits me just fine.


I dig AA but I don't know how it will fit on me, and as far as I'm concerned, threadless tees fit me perfectly.
so I'll go with FOTL.

The Bravery

As a guy I wear FOTL. They're okay, but it’s to bad that it's not 100% cotton, because to me cotton is just the perfect fabric. All those synthetic fibers can be itchy and just don't have that soft feel to it.. Also I'd like the fabric to be a tad thicker.
I've had some AA-shirts a gifts for ladies and I must say, they’re nice :), so soft and it has slightly thicker fabric. If Threadless printed the guys on 100% cotton of quality I'd be happy to pay $20,- for a shirt. If you've felt those shirts you just gotta agree!

FOTL does have an good guys model, but I think AA doesn't do a bad job either, considering the pictures: http://www.americanapparelstore.com/2001.html.

Taking into account slow_loris_shirts comment I think from Alternative Apparel this would be the right guys shirt:

I care not for the brand, I just want quality. Threadless prints great stuff, but an artist needs a good canvas to paint on, so to speak. I don’t mind paying 33% more for quality cotton instead of 50% cotton 50 synthetic. I’m interested in the effects this little poll will have…


Alternative App. is much softer than AA beleive it or not.

asher27 profile pic Alumni


fotl shirts look huge and boyish on me, even though im not that small.

AA has a more girly fit and its a lot less baggy then fotl, even slightly snug, but not too snug where it enhances my belly fat.


Scientific study:

-FOTL fits awkwardly and is uncomfortable, illiciting comments like, "When are you gonna stop buying all those stupid t-shirts"?

-AA fits nicely and causes the opposite sex to grope your torso and scream in shear delight at the comfort of form-fitting cotton. It also absorbs blood spills better. Both of these points warrant AA to be called the quicker picker-upper.

advantage AA.

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