but is it right?

  • by salter
  • posted Apr 12, 2007


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Cute! but not on black... would be a fun kid shirt too!


If you've ever had a banana split, you know this is right!


OK, I said I loved Octopus on the Brain, but, I'm going to cheat on that design with this design.

I LOVE this. $5

Simple, but well executed. Even without the title (which made me laugh out loud) I would wear this shirt, just for the inanity.


just not on black.


Yeah love it, but not on black! Bright blue would pop well.


okay, i think i have a really sick mind, but how do none of you people notice the sexual connotations?? banana... cherry... i wouldn't let MY kids wear that shirt (even though i don't have any).


the sexual connotations are what MAKE this shirt. it's hilarious!


haha, yeah, i was thinking the sexual thing all the way, ckurtin. i think that's the artist's intent.

Yabi Kuro

Cute! but not on black... would be a fun kid shirt too!

Um .. Not sure about you, but I'd feel uncomfortable if a kid's shirt had this blatant innuendo on it.


i love this...it is great. and i agree with everyone above me "not on black" $5

Alexandra Marie

Haha I would so buy this.
...but not on black.


People complaining about innuendo and kids and such. Parents out there - have you even SEEN cartoons lately? Or not-so-lately? Ernie and Bert are a gay couple, Bugs Bunny is a cross-dresser, Pepe le Pew is a rapist, and Marcie and Peppermint Patty are lesbians!

Okay, Ernie and Bert aren't cartoons, but WTF ever...


Ernie and Bert are Brothers! They have twin beds! And they are 6 years old.
And even if they are gay, who cares?! They don't advocate anything other than getting along with each other and not eating cookies in your own bed.


I like the sub, by the way. It's cute and light-hearted. If someone chooses to think about it in a sexual way, that's her/his problem. I prefer to think about the banana split I had a couple weeks ago that was yummy!


I like it just fine on black. Very cute. ^^


I just noticed something I didn't before-- the fruits look a tad on the angry/depressed side. It doesn't bother me all that much, but why is that?


actually ernie and bert had to move out. they dont live together anymore on the show because a lot of complaints were made that sesame street was promoting gay relationships. but, honestly.. who the heck cares? i think kids should learn about all types of people.

The Wee Straggler

Seriously mynameisnette? It's not even about learning about all types of people. Bert and Ernie were have always been asexual as far as their target audience is concerned. Are kids really watching sesame street and asking mommy and daddy "Why haven't Bert or Ernie formed any stable long term relationships with members of the opposite sex?"


once again - not on black


eeeeeeeeee!!! im so happy! :D


Ernie and Bert moved out?!?

Next, you're gonna tell me that Pluto isn't a planet anymore..!


yeah, i like this one...


Amazing. Simple and powerful. $5


please! more colors!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

This design isnt creepy, if anyone thinks saying "I've laid my banana on a few cherries and it feels right to me" isn't creepy.


The comments entertained me more than the design.

But that's probably 'cause I don't understand.

Is it a reference to the coming-out-gay-marriage issue? Like, first it was interracial relationships, now it's homosexual relationships, and pretty soon it will be inter-fruit relationships?

I'm still confused.


its a banana kissing a cherry


Hmmm..interfruitspecies lovin'...I dig it...


haha people are stupid! OMG 2 puppets live in the same house they must be gay! and OMG a sponge is friends with a starfish and they dance together they must be gay too!! why oh why is the media trying to turn our children into deviant homosexuals! and now there is a cherry and a banana kissing on threadless! what is this world comming to? come poeple stop thinkking to literally into things!


this one's so cool!


My $4 still stands. Now I just want it to cause controversy.


not sure what to think about it. i like the concept but not on black maybe navy? and i think their eyes look a tad evil but maybe its just me


I'm so glad you used black on this. Great idea and keeping it simple is totally the way to go. 5$ from me!


All your designs are very nice, and I like how this is just a tad perverted, too.




that's really cute, I don't mind it on black at all... but I like black shirrts


I think people are digging way too deep on this one, it's a banana and a cherry. What would people say if it were like 20 diff kinds of fruit holding hands running?!


Wow the comments are better than the design, lol. -nar


It's a banana and a cherry. Deal with it.

As for me, I love the design, just not on black. Maybe a royal or navy blue? Oh well, I'd probably still get it.


Oh, how sad, their relationship is doomed. =3

toy joel

This is hilarious! And well done... the shapes catch your eye.

I agree with some of the above comments, though—choose a different shirt color.


whoever suggested royal blue, i agree 100%

very cute! ambiguous as to the innuendo, but i will admit i thought it too...

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