Mythic Mischief

super-hi-5 for anyone who can name the prankster at the bottom of the pic!

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Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

super-hi-5 for anyone who can name the prankster at the bottom of the pic!


hermes? I think it might be cool if the cord went around to the backside of the shirt and the design was a little larger on the front.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Nice ass!

I_ am_Moose

Cover the uncovered posterior and i'd totally buy this.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i see butt! funny tee


i wouldn't wear this shirt with the butt exposed like that; if you change it I'd like it a lot better


what a bunch of prudes! LOL ... it's a tiny cute little but. It's pretty subtle (especially if you put it on the back).


That's Mercury at the bottom. The winged sandals give it away. High 5!

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

sunshine69 you are a winner! hermes it is. and in case you're wondering, it says "hera" on zeus's tattoo. please view a better version of this through my profile page, you should see the design as a whole.

the cord going to the back is a nice idea, although I'm not sure if it's possible to print that.


its possible, as long as it doesnt go over any seams (and there are no seams on the sides of shirts)
that would be wayyyy cool.

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

great idea, cool style.

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters, a little butt exposure is good for a change.


Love it. Nice illustrations. The butt has to stay!!


isn't it nike?


hard to understand at first

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

soapboxx, the shirt wouldn't have the dotted circle etc, that's just for presentation purposes.


wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is pretty sweet I liek the characters


you have such an amazing style.... keep subbing please 5


Is he connected to the plug?


man, I love your style! quit dentistry, this is your field!


I would love that wrapping around to the back of the shirt!


wrapping around to put hermes' hinny on the back would make it more subtle and probably more acceptable, cheeky is ok, but I think bringing the toga down a little so he isn't completely mooning the beholder of the Tee (more of a half moon) would make it better -- kinda flicking up to show a bit of cheek, but not totally baring all, I mean it it difficult to get a toga to completely bare the rear unless the toga is waist-length or you are holding it up somehow)


hahaha, this is awesome! 5$ and i will buy it when it gets printed. yes when.


nice illustrations, i really like the concept.


A Keeper! $5


does zeus have a "mom" tattoo?

cool style choice.


totally 5 i love greek mythology :D


there's a little too much dead space - making the characters larger, and adding a random space-filling cloud or two might help

otherwise i like it - bare bum and all


Wow, this is kickin'!

You have a really good sense of a story happeining in your designs.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Great concept and execution dude.


i am not a big fan of the style but the idea is great and for the mooning i say leave the but and screw the prudes. who are you all your parents? keep pushing the enevelope.


this is reeally cool.


I love this except for all of that butt. I would definitely buy this with a little more butt coverage.


Yes, more butt coverage would be gooooood! anyways, nice shirt! 4


I like the character designs, but, (no one else has asked, so I guess I'm just "a little slow" here) what is the story? Zeus sends lightning to the little guy and we get to see some girly cheeks down below? and what's with the power cord?


Fantastic! Love the retro style and colors.

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

all i can say is you should be pro. 5$


I would so buy this!...and it's not just because I was a Classics major in college! It really is a brilliant concept and design...

And even though people probably wouldn't get it and there aren't many visual representations of this particular deity, but it would be funny if you replaced Hermes with Eris (the goddess of discord!)...


Mikko, my man, I love everything you do. Finnish design, yo.


really cool style, a-la hercules!


nice work


No Hermes ass please.


I feel like hermes is not really necessary and makes the shirt less direct and to the point. Just having zeus unplugged and the devil would be better compositionally and conceptually. Cut out the middle man.. I mean god.


Keep the Ass! It fucking rules!


I'm slightly confused. But I do love myths. Bum or no, I'd still wear this.



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